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Carson Wentz is back bay bay!

Philly fans bask in the glory of your quarterback God Carson Wentz. What a way to tweet announce PROCLAIM your return from injury and establish yourself as the alpha at QB once again.

Eagles fans are eager to see what good fortune Wentz will bring them in week 3 after a tough 21-27 loss to the rejuvanted Bucs this past Sunday.

Now I’m not just blogging this story as a journalist (using that term very loosely obviously), I’m genuinely excited to see Wentz back and watch the Eagles fly into another NFC Championship game this year.  I love when the NFL has new teams rise to the top of the divisions every year, and with a healthy Wentz back the Eagles are poised for another deep run into the playoffs this year.

Now I’m sure this attitude will change down the road and I will not be singing the same tune when the Eagles are in their 4th NFC Championship game in 5 years. But until then they become the Patriots of the NFC they’ll have my full support.

Now we can’t talk about the return of Wentz and not mention his replacement Nick “Big Dick” Foles. Foles came in late in the season to finish the last leg of the relay for the Eagles all the way to a Super Bowl win. This accolade shouldn’t be downplayed because of the phenomenal defense the Eagles played all season. As a Bengals fan I’ve witnessed first hand how quickly things can go from great to shit at the end of the regular season. In 2015 when Andy Dalton went down with a broken thumb and A.J. McCarron was thrown under center we weren’t as lucky as the Eagles. The blame doesn’t fall squarely on McCarron for the Bengals loss to the Steelers in the wild card game, but we’ll always wonder how things would’ve went if Andy Dalton had played.

It seems Nick Foles took this in stride as he knew his time as a starter was always meant to end when Wentz was healthy. It’ll be interesting to see how the 2019 “mutual option” comes into play for the Eagles and Foles plays out next year. Will Foles leave for one last payday? Will he stay and be content with being a backup on a future dynasty?


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