Your guide to the big match ups of Week 3 in College Football

It’s week 3 and the big match ups are back! Well we only have one more top 25 head to head than last week, but these games have a little bit more substance sizzle to them.

#12 LSU @ #7 Auburn (-10)

When: 3:30PM ET

Where to watch: CBS

Why you should watch:  Another week another battle of top 25 SEC teams. Again this is a great game to turn on after your team is on at noon or your team plays the late game. The difference between this game and the Georgia vs South Carolina game from last weekend is the teams are a little bit more even. I know the money line heavily favors the Auburn, but the spread is telling a different story. This game is getting my game of the week stamp!

Prediction: Tigers win


#17 Boise State @ #24 Oklahoma State (-2)

When: 3:30PM ET

Where to watch: ESPN

Why you should watch: This game is the closest thing we’ll get to a rematch of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl (as far as I know). Kicking off at the same time as LSU vs Auburn means you’ll be channel surfing or forced to keep the head on a swivel at your local bar. The future carpel tunnel and whiplash will be worth it though as both games will have some can’t miss action. Also the possibility of seeing the Statue of Liberty 2.0 has my little army guy at full salute.

Prediction: I can’t pick a winner here it really is anyone’s game. But I can’t leave you guys hanging so with the over/under set at 65 points SLAM THAT FUCKING OVER!!!


#4 Ohio State (-13) @ #14 TCU @ Cowboys Stadium

When: 8:00 ET

Where to watch: ABC

Why you should watch:  As much as I hate the Cowboys their Stadium provides some great ambiance. This big night game is getting the Gameday treatment from ESPN and normally I’d be happy, but they’re bringing Roman Reigns in as their guest picker. If you follow my twitter it’d take all of 5 scrolls to figure out I’m a huge wrestling fan, so knowing that you understand my despair for the guy. Getting back to football here, as a buckeye fan this should be my game of the week but  I just don’t see what TCU offers to beat Ohio State. I think they put up a good fight but not enough to win.

Prediction: Ohio State by 21 where the score doesn’t tell the whole story for the game.

Upset Alert:

SMU @ #19 Michigan

I’ll just keep putting Michigan on upset alert every week until it happens. Because it will happen eventually.



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