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The Dynasty Tailgates Week 2 Start and Sits

With week two fast approaching, there are many players that have owners asking the question “Should I start you, or sit you”. Just know if you are stuck in this position, you are not alone there are thousands of players suffering from this same question, and The Dynasty Tailgate is here to help! In this article, we will take you through each game, and pick on players that we at The Dynasty Tailgate would start and sit. Remember to listen to The Dynasty Tailgate Podcast, for more Fantasy Football help!

Indianapolis Colts Vs. Washington Redskins

In this game, the Dynasty Tailgate suggests you start Adrian Peterson if you have him. These fresh legs of AP are not going to last all season, and when they start feeling the wear and tear of an NFL season his fantasy production will plummet, get every fantasy point out of this man that you can.

We also think that you should sit the Colts running backs.  With the Washington Redskins shutting down one of the best running backs in the league, in David Johnson,  I don’t expect the underwhelming Running backs of the Colts to get much going. I do however think this is an Andrew Luck game, so if you were waiting to see how he would start the season, fire him up!

Carolina Panthers V Atlanta Falcons

In this game, We suggest you sit Tevin Coleman IF Devonte Freeman is held out of week 2. I saw this because of one man Luke Kuechly when healthy Luke has the ability to shut opposing running backs down, If Freeman gives it a go, I still think Coleman will make a fantasy impact in the receiving game in PPR formats.  If not, because of Luke and the state of that offense, I would stay away of Coleman.

We are starting the Tight End playing WR, Devin Funchess, When Greg Olsen missed time last year due to another foot injury it seemed like Cam looked to Funchess to absorb Olsens target share. Again this year, I see Funchess stepping up to that role, and leaving the rest of the Wide Receivers on the back burner.

Los Angeles Chargers V Buffalo Bills

Coming off a big game in week one, we are suggesting you fire up Austin Ekeler again in week two. Eklere gets good run with the ones already, and fully expecting this game to get ugly, I think he will have the backfield to himself in the second half as the Chargers rest Melvin Gordon. Ekeler is going to be involved in Chargers receiving game all year and will be a nice flex option from here on out.

This is an easy one for us, if you are the poor should that has a Buffalo Bill on your roster, leave them there! This is going to be an ugly year for Buffalo Bills players in real life and in fantasy. Because of the current state of their offensive line,  and now starting a rookie quarterback, this will put fantasy studs such as LeSean McCoy on bench watching. LeSean McCoy will be facing 8-10 man boxes all year, as the opposing team will dare Josh Allen to beat them through the air, something I don’t see happening with that swiss cheese offensive line.

Green Bay Packers V Minnesota Vikings

This one really depends on if Aaron Rodgers plays or not, if Rodgers doesn’t play, I highly suggest you find other options for all Packer options. But if Rodgers does play, which we think he will, we are suggesting to start Jimmy Graham. The Vikings have the defensive talent to lockup Adams, Cobb, and Allison, but Jimmy is a matchup nightmare and one that I expect Rodgers to go to a lot in this matchup. As always you are starting Adams also.

Staying on the Packers side of the ball, I HIGHLY recommend that you don’t look too much into week one with Cobb, and you leave him on your bench. Every year Cobb has a big game or two that gets fantasy owners hopes up but after that, it seems that he vanishes into the abyss and is never heard of again until offseason experts call him a bounce-back player. Another guy I would stay away from is Jamaal Williams, McCarthy doesn’t like to run the ball, enough said.

Houston Texans V. Tennesse Titans

In this one, we are recommending that if you have Dion Lewis, put him in your starting lineup, especially in PPR formats. Dion Lewis dominated the backfield work in week 1 and with the elbow issue of Marcus Mariota, I fully expect him to utilize short routes, which plays into Dion Lewis’s favor.

Here we are sitting the steady hand of Richard Mathews. usually, he is a solid start every week but with missing all of the preseason and the injury to Mariota, I expect his slow start to the season to continue in week 2.

Miami Dolphin V New York Jets

We are choosing a safe option to start here, and that’s Quincey Enunwa, not flashy like Robby Anderson, but he is consistent and makes the most of every target. With rookie quarterback Sam Darnold coming out and saying that Enunwa is awesome to throw to, he could easily be Darnold’s favorite target.

Coming off an impressive week 1, I am sitting Kenny Stills, to make an impact in this game Stills will have to break off another big one. This is something that Still could easily do, but with all the WR help they brought in this year, I think this will be a week to week choice on who will produce.


There you go! The Dynasty Tailgates start and sit picks of the week! If you would like to know our start and sit picks for the rest of the games, and much more to get you ready for week 2 of the NFL season, grab listen to The Dynasty Tailgate Podcast coming out on Friday! found at the  Stitcher, Anchor, Google Play, Apple Podcast






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