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The Bengals prime-time woes are a thing of the past!


If I didn’t have to work at 6:30 this morning you better believe I would’ve been at my local bar downing gallons of (whatever beer company wants to sponsor us), and picking up everyone’s tab!

That first half of last night’s game is what I’ve been waiting all these years for. Fast paced offense, marching right down the field, and lighting up the scoreboard. We haven’t seen the Bengals offense play like this since Hue Jackson left in early 2016, and words cannot describe how much it was missed. With Andy Dalton finally having a rebuilt offensive line he was able to sit in the pocket longer than the usual 0.0002 seconds and fire off some absolute missiles downfield. 2nd year running back Joe Mixon also flourished behind this new o-line as he was able to run the ups and downs like he did at Oklahoma. Also did you see those change of directions Mixon had? Oh yeah and A.J. Green caught 3 TD’s in the first half. I haven’t seen a man grab so many TD’s in that short of time since Tom Herman in a Miami strip club.

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We can’t forget theĀ  defense making constantly making big stops, pressuring Flacco all night,and the forced turnovers. Those first 25 minutes of the game last night reminded me just how great the Bengals can be when firing on all cylinders. I don’t think got too far ahead of myself watching that dominant first half, I’ll let you be the judge.

Okay, I’ll admit I was feeling myself during the first half, but can you blame me? The Bengals were on another level and I was living in the moment. I was ready to eat crow if the Bengals fucked up the lead and accept my punishment from the Twitter world…that nightmare almost became a reality in the 2nd half.

With the Ravens scoring 14 points before halftime I was having flashbacks to previous night games for the Bengals. It seems that me and the Bengals share the trait of great opener, but when crunch time comes and we fall apart. Flacco and co made some mid-game adjustments for the better while the Bengals seemed content with little urgency and coasting the rest of the game.

So the 3rd quarter was pretty boring both sides of the ball. Justin Tucker splits the uprights with a 55 yard kick and we’re sitting at a worrying 28-17 lead.

When the 4th quarter started I was already preparing a concession tweet, ready to hit send once the lead was gone. I want to make clear I wasn’t doubting the Bengals but I had been down this road plenty of times before, old habits die hard I guess?

With a couple Randy Bullock field goals and a forced turnover the Bengals were able to secure the bag and get the 34-23 win.

Again I don’t want to get ahead of myself, the Bengals played a great first half but the second half left a lot to be desired.


Alright I’m sold! Booking the closest Air BnB to Bourbon street as you’re reading this!



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