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It’s the (almost) one year anniversary of our podcast!

Let’s just get this out of the way now, yes we have 2 days until it’s officially the one year anniversary of our podcast I know. But we recorded our first episode two days before we released it so technically it is our one year.

Okay now we can pop the champagne and celebrate!!!

When Sylvan and myself started this podcast last fall we didn’t really know what to expect. As avid fans of podcasts we decided to make the jump from listeners to podcasters not really knowing what we had gotten ourselves into. But with a few tips from WikiHow and a quick download of a voice recording app we were in business!

We hit a wall when trying to find a name for our podcast. At first we thought of names that were blatant rip-offs of the podcasts that inspired us in the first place. Finally, after a few hours I had a light bulb go off in my concussed brain and that’s when Nosebleed Takes was born. Why did we go decide to stick with Nosebleed Takes? We thought the “cheap seats, cheap takes” motto had a nice ring to it, and also because after a quick search on Apple podcasts nothing showed up matching or coming close to our name. With no plagiarism accusations or lawsuits in our way we were in business!

Now we needed to figure out what we’re going to talk about on the podcast. As you can see from the header we had our hands in plenty of cookies jars for the first episode. You can also see my grammar and sentence structure has improved leaps and bounds since then as well. I can only speak for myself but I wasn’t nervous about how I would sound on the podcast, I’ve been told my semi nasally  voice is perfect for audio and that it really compliments my “ideal lead for the killer in a Lifetime movie looks”.

Finally the day had arrived! We were ready to record our podcast and what did we record it on? My iPhone using a voice recording app. Here we are sitting in a small insurance office at a small table talking into a phone for 40+ minutes. It felt weird but we knew we had to start somewhere. We made it through the recording with no major fuck ups or issues, which we considered a success. In case anyone is thinking we were having that big dick energy after recording I should note we didn’t leave thinking we just hit a fucking home run and the next stop was the top Apple charts. We knew the episode was garbage, but the fact nothing controversial was said, we didn’t forget to hit record, or anything else happened was a solid base hit for us.

The editing of the episode was where Sylvan took over, because I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t know shit about editing anything. I’m still learning how to run our site and if it wasn’t for the fine folks of WordPress we’d be f-u-c-k-ed. Editing was also a bit of a learning curve for Sylvan when he opened up our first episode on Garage Band. The absence of the “fading in” and “fading out” tools made for a swift and hilarious change in audio from Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song to me introducing the show.

If you listen to the episode we came off like a shitty off-brand Barstool/Pardon My Take podcast because it’s what encouraged us to to create our own podcast. That first episode is a tough listen for me because of how rough around the edges we were.

Fast forward to Episode 39 (technically it’s episode 38 because Sylvan lost our audio for an episode last winter) and we’ve finally found our footing. We’re no longer SoundCloud exclusive, we use an expensive microphone for recording, and we have a potential podcasting room on the way. What helped us go from a dumpster fire to not a dumpster fire? We stopped trying to impersonate what we’ve heard before and just be ourselves. We hit record, we shoot the shit about sports like we would do at the bar over a few beers, during long car rides, you get the idea. We talk about sports a lot.

I look forward to coming back around this time next year and writing up on how we’ve improved even more since the year prior. Until then you can subscribe to us on iTunes here and the non-Apple users can listen on our SoundCloud here.


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