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Chicago Blackhawks Season Preview from a first year fan.

Today is just a one big callback to older blogs. Back in July I signed my letter of intent to take my fandom to the Chicago Blackhawks. 

Yesterday saw the release of the training camp roster as we inch closer (22 days) until opening night against the Ottawa Senators. Are you expecting a breakdown of the roster and a season preview right about now? Well here it is…..

Didn’t catch that? Here I’ll say it again.

If you read the old blog you’d know this is my first year I’m committing to the NHL. Sure I’ve watched a game here or there, but this season I’m ride or die with the Blackhawks.

From what I’ve gathered in the little preseason research I’ve done, this may not have been the year to hop the Blackhawks bandwagon. But once I’ve made a decision I stick to it regardless of the consequences because I always trust my instinct (might be why I’ve lost a lot of money at the blackjack table).

What made me choose the Blackhawks back in July? Well Patrick Kane jersey’s were on sale for 60% on so of course I jumped at the opportunity presented to me. While some may call this simply bargain shopping because I picked the cheapest jersey, I call it destiny. Maybe since birth I was meant to root for the Blackhawks and now some 26 years later I’m finally finding my way.

Regardless of how I got this point I’m excited to go full fandom this season, and either be the miserable Blackhawks blogger around these neck of the woods, or the insufferable cocky asshole. I like to think I’m a utility blogger and will fit into either role like a glove, but only time will tell.

UPDATE: I know the photoshop is piss poor, I’m still learning how to do it from my phone. 



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