Your guide to the big matchups of Week 2 in College Football

It’s week 2 we have plenty of football to enjoy today, but if you’re team is playing some small piss ant school today (I’m looking at you Alabama), or your small school is tasked with taking on a top 10 team (thoughts and prayers to Alabama State), you’ll be looking for a competitive game to sink your teeth into at some point today.  You could google “top 25 matchups today” and not read this blog, but where’s the fun in that?

#3 Georgia Bulldogs (-400) @ #24 South Carolina Gamecocks (+300)

When: 3:00PM ET

Where to watch: CBS

Why you should watch:  This battle of ranked SEC teams is a great game to turn if your team has a commanding lead and is putting in the 2nd string, or your just starting your day of football on the west coast. A great game to tune into while you’re preparing dinner, or sitting at the bar plotting the move for the night.

Prediction: Georgia is favored by 10 and I think they cover that spread, but still expect a close game until midway through the 4th quarter.


#17 USC Trojans (+170) @ #10 Stanford Cardinal (-200)

When: 8:30 ET

Where to watch: FOX

Why you should watch: Simple, there’s nothing but garbage time games on at this point with little to no significance. There’s a reason this blog has only 2 games listed….it’s a slow week. It’s like throwing a huge party 2 weeks in a row, you’ll get burnt out and by week 3 you’ll vomit at the smell of college football (trust me I had a month straight of bachelor parties and a fantasy football draft and I am staying off the sauce for a few weeks so I don’t completely hate it).

Prediction: Stanford is listed as the 5.5 point favorites, I don’t like saying this a “sure thing”  but hammer Stanford covering the spread.


Upset Alert: Western Michigan over Michigan

Don’t let the odds or spread fool you, Michigan is on the decline! What better way to solidify this take than a MAC team taking it to the Wolverines?! I stand by saying Michigan will lose today, but if you’re not comfortable living dangergously like me then at least take Western Michigan to lose by less than 28.


Enjoy the $750,000 skull fucking your team gives to some piss ant school today and enjoy these two ranked games today. And if your team is the skull fuckee you’re going to hear a knock on your door when the clock hits zero, it’s me answer the door I’ll have the cure for your Saturday blues.

giphy (1).gif






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