RIP My sports gambling career August 30th 2018-September 3rd 2018

Well it was fun while it lasted (phrasing) but I think I’m hanging the gambling gloves up and calling it a career on sports gambling.

After losing on Thursday night (who’s ever good their first time?) I went 2 for 2 on Saturday’s college football games (I took Ohio State to cover the spread and parlayed Iowa to win along with Louisville and Bama to hit the over) and won a cool $55 on a $20 bet. I know you’re probably wondering why I’m quitting so early if I won my first time out.

Welllllllllllllll, I decided much like a horny teen on prom night that I couldn’t keep it in my pants and I decided to hop on the casino part of the betting site I used. Well about 4 hands in I was up $315 and feeling myself, then 4 hands later I was at $0.00. I went from the highest of highs you can get on a Monday evening in an online gambling room to the lowest of lows real quick.

The sports betting had no bearing on my decision to retire, it was my degenerate card gambling half that took me out of the game.  Yes, I love to play blackjack ever since I caught lightning in a bottle about a year and half ago winning $1200 in one night I’ve been trying recapture it multiple times.

Is this a goodbye from sports gambling? Fuck no, I mean MJ retired and came back a few times, so if I feel like I can hit my peak gambling with a clear mind again I’ll get the band back together for a reunion tour.

So does that mean I’m retiring from casinos?


Look for me at your local casino. I’ll be the handsome fella at the blackjack table dressed up in my finest Tommy Bahama contemplating if I should hit on 12 while the dealer is showing a face card (yes you hit on that).

So to get your fix of degenerate sports gambling stories I suggest you read up on @laffertydanny and his gambling picks for week 1 of the NFL.

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