RIP Mac Miller

That headline is something I still can’t believe I typed out today.  When I was told he passed away today I was in shock, I didn’t believe it and was hoping it was some kind of internet rumor he’d squash with a simple tweet. I debated if I should write a blog about this or just post my favorite songs of his, there’s not enough words or space for us to cover how unique he was or the legacy he’ll leave behind. And all of this at the age of 26. We can look back and say “he was taken away too soon” and yeah that is 1000000% true, but also just 26 years old and he had already staked his claim as one of the most talented, unique artists in recent memory.

Mac Miller was one of the first guys to get me back into rap music when he released K.I.D.S. back in 2010. I remember someone showing me Knock Knock and Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza and I found my love for rap music again. This isn’t a hyperbole or an exaggeration because Mac’s no longer with us. From K.I.D.S. to Best Day Ever to Blue Slide Park to Macadelic I listened to those albums/mixtapes front to back and back to front. Mac truly had a unique vibe to him that was truly one in a million.

I remember when I first saw him in concert in a small venue for his Blue Slide Park Tour and I was amazed at the show he put on for us. He played in front of a few hundred of us, but performed like he was playing at a sold out Coachella and that energy was contagious, he genuinely  seemed excited to pour his heart out into his performance that night. There were two moments that I will forever remember from that concert. The first was when Mac had one of his stage hands bring him an electric guitar and he proceeded to play Sweet Home Alabama showing just how versatile he was as an artist. The last moment was the end of the concert he had left the stage without performing his biggest hit at the time Donald Trump. After leaving the stage we as a crowd were chanting “Donald Trump! Donald Trump!” for what felt like an eternity and to what we thought was no avail. Little did we know the DJ had snuck back on stage and had the song locked and loaded and the next thing we know Mac comes back on stage and cranks the volume to 11 and ELECTRIFIES the crowd.

The second concert for his Macadelic tour was at a bigger venue, but Mac still tore the house down. He teased us again not playing Donald Trump but he came out played it and of course we all went crazy and sang every word with him.

I’ll be honest after Watching Movies with the Sound Off I kind of drifted away from Mac’s music. Since the news of his death I found myself downloading all of the music I missed out on and just taking it all in tonight. Some of the lyrics are tough to listen to in hindsight knowing what had transpired today.

I’ll remember Mac as the guy who brought my love of hip hop back, had a unique sound, always tore the house down, and the guy who with his music helped me and my friends make some of the coolest memories that will last a lifetime.

Rest in Peace Mac. Here’s some of my favorites that I’ll have on repeat the next few days.

And here’s a clip of him playing Sweet Home Alabama on guitar.


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