Sylvan’s Week 1 NFL Picks

Thursday Game

Falcons vs Eagles

The Superbowl Champs kick off the season tonight against the Falcons Big Dick Nick Foles gets the start for the hurt Carson Wentz, I think Foles magic has worn off and the Falcons will come out on top tonight.


Sunday Games

Bills vs Ravens

Bills start the same quarterback that threw 5 interceptions in a game last year so I’m taking the ravens


Jaguars vs Giants

Jags had a great year last season and I think they will have an even better year this year, the giants are on the bounce back after a bad last season. I think Saquan will be a great player but it might take him a few games to get going.


Buccaneers vs Saints

Both of these teams will be missing key players but the Saints have a better overall roster and this will be an easy win for the Saints.


Texans vs Patriots

UPSET ALERT! Here is my pick for upset of the week; Texans were pretty good last year before Watson’s injury. I think this might be the year Tom Brady takes a step back and they don’t have a great receiver currently and I question their running game as of now.


49ers vs Vikings

This will be the best of the early games, 49ers were the hottest team to finish the season and the Vikings had a great season and were close to making the Super Bowl. The Vikings had a slight improvement in QB they return a great Defense so I’m taking the Vikings in a close one.


Titans vs Dolphins

Yawn…Titans I guess.


Bengals vs Colts

Is Andrew Luck finally back? I think so, in that case I’ll take the Colts because I think this year is the Bengals turn to be the worse team in Ohio.


Steelers vs Browns

Picture this Browns at home vs the Steelers, the browns are coming off an electric off-season, all the hype of Hard Knocks….and they lose. I’m cheering for the browns as much most browns fans and im not a fan at all but I just don’t see how they can beat the Steelers yet.


Chiefs vs Chargers

For the sake of my fantasy team just pass the ball to Tyreke Hill 30 times and let him work his magic.


Seahawks vs Broncos

My Broncos have been a struggle to watch the last couple of years, they have a few really good pieces but QB play has sucked lately, is Case Keenum the answer, probably not but I hope we can squeeze what he did last year out of him to have a somewhat enjoyable season.


Cowboys vs Panthers

Who are the Cowboys going to pass to? Okay, I will take the Panthers.


Redskins vs Cardinals

Both teams have new QB’s but that’s it there just normal QB’s nothing special, redskins lost their rookie running back and cardinals have a good defense.


Bears vs Packers

Wow a rivalry game in week one, Bears just added a stud on defense and the Packers seem to never change. Until Aaron Rogers isn’t under center it’s hard to pick against the Packers.


Jets vs Lions

Sam Darnold is going to try to turn the Jets around but like many before him, he will fail. Lions somehow had a decent season last year so I expect them to handle the Jets easily.


Rams vs Raiders

Raiders just traded their best player, the Rams had an amazing offseason bringing in huge players on defense and they already had a great defense last year.


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