Quick Hit: Just a reminder that Madden 19 sucks and EA Sports needs to bring NCAA Football back

Madden 19 has been out for almost a month now and per usual it’s super buggy and glitchy. I know I could’ve and should’ve blogged about this the week it came out, but with the NFL starting back up tonight I thought now is probably an even better time to blog this.

Madden always has bugs and glitches in the first few months it is out, it’s why I wait until Black Friday to purchase the game. Here’s a sample of what you can expect if you pickup Madden 19 this year.

I, likeĀ millions billions across the United States want the return of NCAA Football. And if you look all across the internet you won’t find crazy glitch videos like this from NCAA Football games (trust me I looked for all of 30 seconds). So EA Sports and the jackasses at the NCAA, figure this out and get us our goddamn College Football on 8th generation consoles already!


P.S. Longshot mode is a great movie, but we didn’t pay $60 for a fucking movie we want an actual career mode!



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