Nick Saban Finally Makes A Good Decision

As you all know, Nick Saban stinks at making decisions. I mean, who starts Jalen Hurts Over Tua Tovilowa Taugulivia Tagovailoa (thank you Google). After Alabama trounced Louisville 51-14, Tua was finally named a starter. This move has been long awaited by both the media and fans. Tua started the game vs Louisville and showed why he should be named the starter and not 26-2 quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Nick Saban says that Jalen will still play a role in the offense for some reason even though the offense is stagnant with him at the helm. Jalen Hurts will not transfer this season as he graduates this semester and then can move on as a grad transfer is he so desires (please). I assume he will team up with the Lane Train in Boca but that’s just me spewing some guesses.

Alabama’s offense hasn’t been the strong suit in Alabama’s dynasty, but with Tua behind center, the defense may not have to carry the load for once (finally). Alabama is set up to win a national championship again and I can’t wait for the third title since I’ve been in college. For a full recap of the college football weekend click here.

The QB controversy is finally over and you can stop asking Nick Saban about it cause obviously he is tired of it.

In case you forgot, Alabama won the championship last year as well. Can’t wait for another title and a Heisman Trophy.


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