College Football Week 1 Recap

It’s that time of year, you put on your sweatpants, brew up a cup of jo, read the Saturday paper to see if any of your friends were arrested after some Friday night shenanigans and enjoy the cool fall breeze. Okay now that I have painted a masterpiece of a picture for you let’s move on, week 1 of college football is in the books and unlike the flags at your local government buildings I’m at full staff (too soon). Instead of writing many individual 200 or so word blogs about every college football story/score I think a  Monday morning recap is the way to go. Am I sacrificing clicks for the sake of better content? Yes, but I’d rather have a small showroom full of Jaguars than a lot full of used Chevy Colbats.


Buckeyes crushed the Beavers and I won some cash.

Covering the spread? Check.

Tying their record for most points in a home opener? Check.

This game was close for all of 8 minutes before Ohio State kicked it into 4th gear and didn’t look back. This game was never in doubt, the only real concern coming into this game was how would the Buckeyes do without Urban Meyer. Granted Oregon State is no world beater here but seeing a win is a win and they added on the style points for good measure. Dwayne Haskins looked great throwing for 313 yards and 5 TD’s, while Mike Weber ran up and down the field racking up 186 yards and 3 TD’s. It’s safe to say on the offensive side of the ball the Buckeyes shouldn’t have trouble putting points on the board, however the defense leaves a little to be desired. The absence of safety Jordan Fuller and giving up an 80 yard and 78 yard TD run could cause another “health issue” for Urban in big games, this past Saturday we can give it a pass since the result was never in doubt. Look for the Buckeyes to work on their defensive weaknesses as they prepare for a practice game against Rutgers before they play TCU in week 3.

Is Harbaugh on the hot seat?

Michigan what is you doing? This was not a good outing in South Bend for the Wolverines. A shoddy offensive line that gave QB Shea Patterson about 0.00002 seconds to drop back in the pocket before it collapsed and piss poor coaching in the last few minutes of the game by the almighty Coach Harbaugh are what derailed any chances of a comeback for the UofM.

There must be some kind of curse when you put on the blue and maize colored hat, because I feel like ever since Lloyd Carr left at the end of the 2007 season the coaches have seemingly under performed even when expectations were not that high. Rich Rod came in after taking WVU to a solid #2 spot in the BCS (yeah remember when that was a thing?) and after a loss to Pitt knocked them out of the contention for a National Title he bolted for Ann Arbor. But with an underwhelming 15-22 record in 3 seasons he was rightfully fired. And the Brady Hoke era well we all remember that and while it wasn’t a horrible time (Hoke finished 31-20) besides a victory over a depleted Buckeye team and a Sugar Bowl win against Virginia Tech the rest of his tenure was very bland. 2015 sees Michigan hire  Jim Harbaugh, the answer to every Michigan fans prayers have been answered…..or so they think. I said it on the podcast (cheap plug Nosebleed Takes ) but Harbaugh came in to Ann Arbor to unrealistic expectations. But just because expectations were at an all-time high doesn’t mean we give him a free pass for under performing do we? Look at his record since becoming the head coach at Michigan in 2015, 28-12 record (not bad), finishing in the top 15 two out of three seasons (still not bad), 1-2 in bowl games (red flag), 0-3 against the Buckeyes (SOUND THE ALARM!!!).


Yes folks, if Harbaugh doesn’t pull a Buckeye victory out of his ass or a top 10 finish this year his time as Michigan’s head football coach could be coming to an end. Good news for Harbaugh is he could walk right back into the NFL and get a job.

As for Notre Dame, don’t get your hopes up for a great season after this win. Staying true to the traditional Notre Dame way they will slowly break down until they’re a fringe top 25 team by the end of the season, where they will be playing a MAC team in a Christmas Eve bowl game.

Miami may have been a tad overrated


So apparently all you need to take down a Hurricane is Coach O, and a solid defense (take note FEMA). RIP Miami turnover chain and hello LSU turnover chain.

This game was never in doubt for the Tigers, and was a great week 1 win for Coach O as many wondered if he was just a mumbling nut straight out of the Bayou, or a genuine football guy. Miami seemed like a totally different team from the start of last season as they couldn’t get anything going until the 4th quarter where it was too late. Not much else to say on this game it was a fun 1st half to watch and an absolute bore to watch in the 2nd half. Look for the Tigers to make their way into the top 10 by the end of Week 2 and the Hurricanes to have a faster fall from grace than Tony Montana.

Apologize for what?

I’ll be the first to admit I fucking hate Alabama (sorry @tamcclanahan), but I’ll come to the defense of Nick Saban for his comments after Bama’s win over Louisville. Should Saban have went off on Maria Taylor like that? No. Again as we talked about on the podcast (seriously have you not subscribed and listened yet?) the jackass who was in Maria Taylor’s ear should’ve been taking the brunt of Saban’s ire instead of the messenger. I think that should be a thing from here on out cut out the middle(wo)man and let these fuckheads in the production truck strut the sidelines post game and ask these coaches the stupid questions they force others to do week in and week out. Props to Saban for apologizing to Maria after the fact, but now that I’m done defending Saban it’s back to “fuck you Bama”.

Expect these college football recaps out every Monday morning to help take the edge off the start of your work week. What can you expect to read every Monday morning in this blog? Expect me to recap around 3-5 games from the weekend (OSU, UM, and the big matchup(s) or upsets of the week), and big stories from the weekend.

P.S. ESPN, I know it was the big opening weekend of College Football but for the sake of Kirk Herbsreit’s health give the man a day off!

This 240p screenshot may seem harmless but when watching “Get Up!” on ESPN Monday morning in 1080p Herbie looked like he’d been on an all night booze and drug fueled bender in Atlantic City! If ESPN won’t give him a day off at least let the guy sleep in and not have to do an interview on this dumpster fire of a show.

You’ve been warned ESPN….you don’t want Herbstreit looking like this by Week 3 and be forced to but him on IR.


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