What’s your rotation of shows you binge watch?

Someone brought up to me the other day that it’s funny how we have a core set of shows we rotate through. I didn’t realize it at first but after looking at my recently watched on Hulu and Netflix they were right. I have about 5 shows I rotate through daily and it’s all the TV I intake, it’s not that I don’t want to watch new shows I just find myself clicking on what I already know is going to entertain me. So here it is my 5 shows I constantly rotate through.

1) Family Guy


Starting off with the show that puts me to sleep every night, Family Guy. Why do I watch it before I go to bed? Simple, I’ve seen every episode twice or more already and I don’t need to devote my full attention to understand what’s going on it’s pointless entertainment. My go to seasons are S1-S4 as I prefer the older ones where times were simpler and cutaways weren’t the focal point of the whole episode.

2) It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia


Hearing “Goddammit Charlie!!!!” is music to my ears after a long days work. When I kick off the work boots aka Nike Air Max’s I unwind and turn on a little Always Sunny for a good laugh. Sunny requires a little more paying attention than Family Guy which is okay with me because it’s always worth the car crash you see at the end of the episode when everything ties in together. A great mind dump after a long days work.

3) South Park


I was first introduced to South Park when I was 6 years old when my uncle was babysitting me and let me watch the episode “An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig”. I felt like the coolest 6 year old being able to hear cussing and repeat it (never in front of my mom though I didn’t want to narc on my uncle). I’ve been a fan going on 21 years now as South Park keeps putting out great season after great season. Now I will say I wasn’t a fan of the serialized seasons (18-20) not due to a dip in quality, but because it was tough to just hop into an episode and binge watch from there like I normally do. Also, I will argue with anyone who disagrees that “Scott Tenorman Must Die” is the GOAT episode.

4) Oz


Did you think I was going to be an all comedy guy? I like a little gritty drama to keep me on the edge of my seat every time I tune in. For those who have never seen or heard of Oz it was the first hour long drama on HBO in 1997, and looking back it is seen as the reason we were blessed with shows like The Soprano’s, True Detective, Six Feet Under, and many more. Taking place in the fictional Oswald State Penitentiary, this prison drama ran for 6 seasons and saw a lot of stars step into Emerald City over it’s multi-year run This show is great to binge for the Friday nights when you’re staying in, or a rainy day. I won’t spoil a lot for you on this show but there’s a reason I’m on my 3rd time through the series.

5) King of The Hill


This would’ve and should’ve been at the #1 spot but it’s so hard to find anywhere (maybe impossible) to binge watch it. I was lucky enough to find S1-S4 on DVD at Wal-Mart a few months ago, but other than that I’m stuck trying to watch S5-S13 on Adult Swim. What’s there not to love about this show? A little comedy, a little drama, sprinkled with some feel good moments, and a new story every episode (sans a few 2 parters). All of these reasons make this the go to binge show for a hungover day on the couch, a rainy day, after a hard days work, or just whenever you want to really. Like I said if this were on Netflix again, or even Hulu it’d be the #1 show I’d binge watch, but here’s to hoping someday the FOX execs come to their senses and give us the whole series to stream again. I’ll drink an Alamo beer to that.


Honorable Mentions:

Narcos: Every fall when a new season is about to drop I go back and watch the previous season of this anthology series. It’s gritty, violent, and based on true events, which makes this show that much crazier knowing most of this happened in real life.

How I Met Your Mother: I started this series on Netflix right after S8 aired and caught all the way up to the final season before premiered on CBS. I haven’t gone back and watched it since because the ending soured me so much on the show.

The Office: I enjoy this as much as the next person but if I’m being honest once Jim and Pam get married I spaced out, then pile on Michael leaving and I’m out. I’ll occasionally go back and watch bits and pieces of the older seasons but as for binge watching this, I’m over it.


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