Billy Mays Wasn’t On Home Improvement???

I feel like an absolute idiot. Home Improvement is a great show with Tim Allen and Richard Karn (allegedly). In all of my human years, I could’ve sworn that it was Billy Mays (RIP). Last night, as I was surfing through the channels procrastinating studying, the show was on which led me to look up some Billy Mays commercials. During my devout research on Billy Mays, I discovered his impostor is in Home Improvement and not the GOAT.

billy mays

I mean honestly, did you think these were two different people? If so, you get a trophy! For me, I’m an idiot!!!! Billy Mays was the best thing about commercials as a young whippersnapper. He made me try Oxi-Clean and I assumed that it was the best thing on Earth… I don’t remember if it was good or not, sorry go try it yourself. Billy Mays is an absolute legend not you Richard Karn! YOU ARE A FRAUD SIR! Billy Mays, I personally thank you for your service.

Only one commercial makes me laugh every time I see it and it is Flex- Tape. When the guy says, “I just sawed this boat in half!” I lose it every time. Shout out Phil Swift! For your viewing enjoyment:

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