The LLWS Should Be Banned From All Television

Summer is slow for sports before football comes back because, honestly, nobody cares about baseball anymore (classic millennial move). The LLWS is my least favorite time of year, it’s everywhere where nobody wants it. I would much rather watch paint dry that 12 year olds playing on a field fit for 8 year olds. C’mon play some man’s ball kids.

The LLWS is the worst for one HUGE reason… SPORTSMANSHIP. Nobody cares if Johnny from New Mexico and Xi from South Korea played ping pong together in Williamsport! WHERE IS THE COMPETITION! I see way to many high fives and no enough crotch chops.

The LLWS gives these piss poor ball players hopes and dreams to play in the MLB which is nothing further from the truth. I promise half the kids couldn’t even make the middle school team regardless of what there mommy says. The Little League Organization probably (no research done) produces the least MLB talent of any youth league. The pitch meter makes me so angry when I see it. “WOW RYAN JUST THREW THAT BALL 73MPH WHICH IS EQUIVALENT TO A 102MPH MLB PITCH!” Any string-bean boy can close his eyes and hit a bomb from pitching 45 ft away regardless of the MLB speed.

End Rant.

Football is OTW

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