How are you doing opening week of College Football?

3 blogs in one day?! I’m really feeling myself today!


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It’s almost college football season, and I think I speak on behalf of all of America when I say our mind, body and soul are more than ready.

Everyone has a game plan for opening weekend, and I’m here to break down all of those potential plans you’ve made. Is this me judging you for what your plans are? No, I’m just giving my cheap opinion on it, so don’t go crying that I bullied you into changing your plans.

Going to a game


I’ll start out with my hawt hawt hawtest take first, I don’t find being at the games all that enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong I’ll go to a Buckeyes game if they’re playing a shitty Big Ten team, or an out of conference opponent. Why? Because I’ll more than likely be shitfaced from tailgating, I’ll be sitting in either the smoldering heat or the frigid cold, and the tickets will be dirt cheap. I’m not paying $100+ to have a terrible view of a big time game and on top of that a game I may not remember. I know the stadium erupting would make for an all-time moment if I was there, but it just isn’t worth it for me. I understand if you disagree with me and I won’t fight ya on it, different strokes for different folks.

Watching at home


This is where I find myself watching most college football games. Can you blame me? I included this picture specifically because it shows the one thing you have that you can’t have at a stadium, a remote control. Don’t want to watch your team get curb stomped? Turn on another game, pull up some 4K porn, watch a Lifetime movie, the options are endless. Also you have the advantage of going to your fridge making your own food, easily accessible to alcohol, and a couch to nap on in between games, the holy trifecta of watching football (food,beer, and naps). I feel like I shouldn’t have to mention the fact you’ll have a great view of the game and the option to watch it in your boxers.

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Although this is how I spend most weekends watching College Football it isn’t my favorite.


Bar hopping/Tailgating


My number one way to take in College Football, bar hopping and tailgating. Why is this my favorite? Simple, you can take in the intensity of the crowd and still find a place to watch it on TV. Some of my fondest memories from college football games have been bar hopping and watching or tailgating.

The pros of watching in a bar.

  • Drinks are cheap
  • Food is cheap
  • Can enjoy game on TV
  • Multiple TV’s = Multiple games
  • Can leave for another bar to keep getting served
  • Already out at the bar when the games over so you can celebrate

The pros of tailgating.

  • Drinking games (Flip cup)
  • BYOB
  • Watch game on TV
  • Can still hear the stadium
  • Can power nap at anytime

This is the way God intended College Football to be ingested.  You’re still getting the good vibrations from the stadium or a bar full of fellow fans, and you’re free to do piss wherever.


However you enjoy your college football is up to you, whether we agree where the best place is to watch it we can agree on one thing, we’ll be glad when it’s back!


P.S. Hey @tamcclanahan let’s make a friendly Big Ten vs SEC wager this year. I’ll think of the terms later, but I bet the Big Ten ends up with more teams in the top 25 15 10 this year than the SEC.

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