Aaron Rogers calls quality of their practice “piss poor” & some of the young WR’s were TRIGGERED!


Uh oh trouble in Green Bay?!?!?! Aaron Rodgers the QB and official leader for the Packers is calling it like he sees it at practice and that apparently isn’t sitting well with rookie WR’s.

I’m dumbfounded that these “harsh” words were taken personally by the young WR core and now Rodgers has to address them. If you’re playing piss poor football at practice why can’t someone call it like it is? How do these guys expect to grow as players if everybody blows smoke up their ass and compliments them every step of the way? Imagine being Rodgers fresh off an injury wanting to show everyone why you’re the future GOAT and your teammates are frustrated you’re trying to inspire them to be better. First thing I did as a coach was tell kids before the season was “if I point something out I want you to work on it’s because I know you can do better.” Crazy to think I know.

These young WR’s weren’t standout players in college either, they were all taken relatively late in the previous two drafts so it’s not a primadonna issue, maybe they’re just pussies. I won’t name names but if you google Green Bay’s roster you’ll be able to figure out in a short amount of time who was upset with Rodgers comments.

Now even though I’ve referred to these guys as pussies for being upset about this, I should backtrack a bit on this stance. If they’re at a team meal or film session and Rodgers is telling these guys “the best part of you ran down the crack of your mom’s ass” or “Mr (insert last name here) should’ve dumped his load into the Kleenex instead of your cum dumpster of a mother” I’d be inclined to side with the WR’s on this.


All he did was say the quality of play at practice was piss poor!!!! So fellas, you’re this shook 2 weeks into preseason you might want to change leagues.

Maybe the XFL? No.

Maybe the AFL? No.

Maybe Madden Ultimate Team? No

I found the perfect league for them!

tenor (4).gif


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