If you’re at a rally to support Urban Meyer to keep his job, you’re an idiot.


Judging by the headline you’d think I wasn’t a Buckeye fan, but you’d be wrong. I’ve been a huge Ohio State fan since I was a kid and will be a fan for life. However, there is a pretty good chunk of LUNATIC Buckeye fans giving us mild mannered fans a bad rep.


I’m sure you’ve encountered these idiots at some point in your life. The “Ohio State should’ve made the playoffs last year the NCAA hates us!” or the fans who actually do not use the letter M during rival week. It’s been tolerable to me for the most part…until a few days ago.

Did Urban Meyer get framed for murder? If you ask these fans they very well might tell you he did. Imagine not only thinking up this stupid idea, then actually following through with it. This rally will be looked back on years from now and I’m sure those who attended will brag to their grand-kids how they stopped them “crooked” NCAA folks from firing Urban Meyer!


You said it Barney, some OSU fans give me secondhand embarrassment. I think it stems from the lack of other hobbies and religiously following football, but c’mon I’m a big football guy and I still hold enough self-awareness so I’m not out in the streets rallying for a coaches job. If Urban is being unjustly crucified here I might understand why they’re out there rallying for his job, but Urban and OSU may have dug themselves in a hole here.

We don’t know all the details surrounding this controversy which is why I’m withholding any takes on the matter, but I’ll middle man Dan it here and say this. If Urban knew about this and covered it up he deserves to be fired, if he went through the proper protocol to report this issue and someone above him covered it up they deserved to be fired.

If Urban does get fired on a positive note tickets to the 2 games I’m going to may drop in price, save a little on the tickets and invest the surplus on alcohol.

giphy (4).gif


I’ll end on this, if you’re a Buckeye fan who is so caught up in keeping Urban Meyer that you’ll discredit the ex-wife of Zach Smith calling her a “drunk” and doing the same thing you’re telling others not to do by judging without all of the facts FUCK YOU. Remember a the end of the day this is just a game and there are more important things in life. Maybe go outside with your kid and play catch, look at nature or some shit.

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