NBA ALL TIME TEAMS: Atlanta Hawks Edition

It’s a slow sports time during the summer before football ramps back up full force. To pass the time, I will be detailing every current NBA franchise’s all-time starting 5. I will go in alphabetical order so I don’t skip anyone. I mean I would honestly forget about the Nets if they weren’t discussed on my twitter feed. Name the starting five right now, I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU! I will only be using players that played for a considerable amount of time with the franchise, not just a one year stint.

In this blog, I will be diving deep into the Atlanta Hawks franchise which was founded in 1946.  Not until 1968 did the franchise move to Atlanta after stints in the American Mid-West. The Hawks are in the Eastern Conference and were the first deep south NBA franchise (Yee Yee).

PG: Doc Rivers – Doc was drafted by the Hawks 31st overall in 1983. He averaged a double double, 12.8 ppg 10.0 apg, in the 86-87 season while he played alongside Dominique where they won the division.

SG: Joe Johnson – ISO JOE! He played for the Hawks from 2005 – 2012 where he made the all star team 6 times and one all NBA team (3rd team). FUN FACT. He was once the highest paid player in the NBA.

SF: Dominique Wilkins 9x All Star. 7x All NBA. The Human Highlight Reel. Some would say, not I, that he is the best dunker of all-time.  Averaged 26.8 ppg 6.7 rpg 2.5 apg over his hall of fame career.

PF: Bob Petit – He is the only MVP in franchise history in 1956 and 1959 while the Hawks were in Milwaukee and St. Louis. Bob also brought the one and only championship in 1958. He averaged 26.4 ppg 16.2 rpg  3.0 asg in his hall of fame career.

C: Dikembe Mutombo – NO, NO, NO, NOT TODAY. He is one of the best defenders of all time averaging almost 3 bpg along with 10 ppg and 10 rpg. He is 2nd all time in career blocks over an 18 year career.

Honorable Mentions: Josh Smith



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