Ease on Into the Weekend with a Friday Golf Blog about Golf

I started a blog this morning titled, “Hate Watching Golf is all the Rage.” Right now we’ve got Patrick Reed yelling at camera men over rattling change in their pocket at the European Tour event, people delighting in Brandel Chamblee shooting 77 at the Senior British Open, and Ian Poulter hasn’t even done anything at the RBC Canadian, but I’m sure people are hate watching him. 

The point is that after a major, it’s easy to reach for straws when it comes to storylines and that’s exactly what’s happening in the golf world this week. Being that it’s Friday, I’m shaking off the haters and getting out of the mud. Good vibes only, let’s talk about what my weekend is looking like. 

What I’m drinking 

On your way home from work, there’s nothing like hitting the liquor store and stocking up for the weekend. If you’re like me, it’s usually some beers and a bottle. If you’re also like me, there aren’t many scraps left come Sunday evening, so I tend  grab ingredients for the cocktail of the weekend and especially on the course. I’ll fill up a thermos and make enough to fill a tumbler on the course. The key is that you can dress it up or dress it down as much as you want. This weekend, I’m making a cocktail with bourbon, lemonade, and ginger ale. Because no one is ever truly original, I looked up to see if this is already and thing and I found out its called a Kentucky Lemonade. Shake bourbon, real lemon juice, honey, then top off with ginger beer in a rocks or high ball glass for a nice sipping cocktail or make it in a simple batch and dump 2 parts bourbon, 2 parts lemonade, and 1 part ginger ale. Either way, it’s a nice drink to enjoy as we chase away this ball drenching heat of summer. 

What I’m Playing

If you haven’t tried the Titleist AVX golf ball yet, skip the Pro V1’s you’ve blindly purchased for the last 10 years and give these a try. In my opinion, these are the most impressive golf balls I’ve ever played. It’s always clear when you’re playing a high performance golf ball vs a Top Flite, but these are the first golf balls that have actually saved me a stroke or two in a round. To me, there’s still some mystery surrounding the golf ball. It wasn’t really highly anticipated as a release, but Titleist was still very cautious, testing it in select markets before a full release. 

Titleist claims “the Pro V1 yields low spin and low flight, while the Pro V1x produces higher flight with higher spin and a firmer feel. The new AVX will be a softer feel than either Pro V1 or Pro V1x with a lower flight and lower spin on long-game shots. Mahoney said the softer feel resulted in some players sensing greater control in their shots, too.”

So it sounds like the ball is supposedly in between the Pro V1 and the Pro V1X and I’ve heard that AVX is supposed to mean ‘alternative to the Pro V1 and ProV1X,’ but I haven’t seen Titleist substantiate this at all. Also there are no professionals currently playing the AVX, which is interesting if it’s in the same line of high performance as the other two. The price point for the AVX is the same as the Pro V1/ V1X, but Titleist isn’t really pitching it is as being in line with their top performers. Regardless, give it a shot, it may become your gamer. 

What I’m Listening To

Growing up, I played old fashioned golf. I was always taught that if you want to be taken seriously, you behave a certain way on the golf course. I still take that seriously in the way of dress, repairing ball marks, and generally just not being too much of a hack, but I’ve really taken a liking to music on the course. I think a mix of newer stuff is great for on the course, but I like stuff that’s basically solid day-drinking music. So I’ll drop a few newer songs here.

Kenny Chesney- Love for Love City 

Kenny Chesney released a new album this week and it’s very average. I’m a proud member of No Shoes Nation, but pretty much every track is just good for kind of nodding your head along. Nothing wrong with that, but I always feel like Kenny deserves your full attention. This album is mostly good background music, but this track with Ziggy Marley is made for the course. Especially for the those of you who unwind on the course with something other than booze. 

Arty- Tim

This is an EDM banger that belongs in the nighttime, but I will have to break out on the course at some point. It’s the Russian DJ, Arty, produced the track as a tribute for Avicii. It’s got an older trance sound to it, but the upbeat keyboard melody is a little more akin to Kygo and the tropical house wave that may have died out sometime last year. It’s a great track for when those post double bogey drinks set in. 

Chance the Rapper- I Might Need Security

In this heater, Chance samples Jamie Foxx’s 2002 HBO special, I Might Need Security, with a hook that repeats “Fuck you” over and over. As crude as it sounds, it’s the anthem for getting stuck being slow golfers who move just fast enough that you can’t play through. 

Hope everyone can sneak out of the office early and hit the course this weekend. In my opinion, there’s no golf really worth watching until you’re hung over on Sunday afternoon anyways. 

Fairways and greens.  


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