Should the Cleveland Browns sign Dez Bryant?

Johnny, you have a good thing going in Cleveland, you’re rebuilding and things are looking good, don’t fuck it up. So, if you haven’t noticed yet I’m 10000% against the Browns even thinking about signing Dez Bryant.

Look, I LOVE to shit on the city of Cleveland just as much as the rest of the sports world maybe even a little more, I have a LeBron Lakers jersey on the way which I am excited to parade around in come NBA season (so I guess you’d say I love to troll Cleveland). But don’t make it this easy for me to rip on your horrible franchise. This move makes no sense for the Browns, as they have begun a rebuilding process of sorts.


I have gone back and fourth with my friends who are die hard Brown fans that this year and the next will be two winning seasons for the Browns. This roster is going to be good, you give an offensive genius like Hue Jackson a decent QB and arguably 3 good RB’s, and a decent WR core to build on and this team will no longer be the laughing stock of the league.

But if you bring in Dez Bryant and want to watch your team implode go for it! He was released from the Cowboys for a reason, he’s getting banged up, and dude is┬áprimadonna. If this was 2012-2014 Dez Bryant I’d trade the whole Browns WR and just line up Dez against 4 DB’s, but it’s 2018 he’s single now and valued himself too highly, now he’s swiping right on Tinder on anything with 2 legs and a hole to try and get back in the game.

Where do I think Dez will end up? I think he goes to the Washington Redskins for a significant pay-cut and an underwhelming season.

So what do you guys think? Should Cleveland sign Dez Bryant?

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