Raiders CONFIRMED will not have to pay Jon Gruden this season

I know, I know, I’m a day late on this but we never promised here at Nosebleed Takes to be your #1 source for up to the date stories.

Initial reaction to this story…..


On first glance this makes it seem like Gruden is banking on his team to go all the way to the Super Bowl throwing out the boldest of bold claims here, but is it? 9 out of 10 armchair coaches may agree but I’m the 1/10 who thinks this is a very subtle planting of a seed that the Raiders are going to suck this year.

I do this on the golf course all the time, I say hey I’ll buy your beer if you beat me. Now I know I’m going to lose but when throw out such a outlandish claim like that it builds up doubt in my opponents head. Then once I slice left and out of bounds on the first drive they realize I’m just a horrible golfer and they won free beer. It is a no lose situation for Gruden here, in one single swoop he’s thrown the unrealistic expectations off of his shoulders, and saved face ahead of a possible 6-10 season.

Realistically Gruden isn’t the saving grace the Raiders need, he’s got a lot of ???’s since he left the broadcast booth. Now I know Caretaker in The Longest Yard said “Once you have sex you never forget how to do it.” Well buddy let me tell you if I was coming off the 10 year dry spell Gruden is I’d need a manual, some game film, and a few warm ups in the amateur league before I’d make my way back into the NFL. And I know people will say Gruden has stayed relatively close to the game, commentating Monday Night Football and doing his QB camp……but until you’re constantly in the mud trying not to blow your wad too early when it counts it means nothing.

Look I have nothing against Gruden, I want the guy to succeed, but if he doesn’t win the Super Bowl this year people will be calling for his head, which is a bit hostile. But when this is your fan-base it’s about what’d you expect emotions to be like in Oakland.


Rob Zombie and Skeletor were quoted as saying “SEWEWEESASWEWE” Which roughly translated to Spider 2 Y-Banana is the GOAT!


Heavy Metal Village People couldn’t be reached for comments.


Thrift Store Gene Simmons wouldn’t comment unless I paid for the likeness and rights to his quote for the hefty price of $500.


Again, Heavy Metal Village People did not respond to my DM’s.


How do you think Gruden and co will do this year?






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