Park And Rec Is NOT Better Than The Office

Tyler Conway, who writes for Bleacher Report (allegedly), tweeted out his tiers of 2000’s sitcoms ranked and it is absolutely preposterous.

THIS MAN HAS ALWAYS SUNNY IN TIER 4!!!!! As soon as I saw that he had Always Sunny so low, his credibility went flying out the door faster than Russell Westbrook flying through the lane dunking on your favorite player. I will now give the only opinion that matters on this subject, me. I will leave out Veep and Curb since I have not seen them.

1. Always Sunny In Philadelphia – Easily the greatest show on television. I mean the gang is always must watch. My personal favorite clip:

2. The Office – Michael Scott is the GOAT. Show fell off when he left but overall great show. the office finger guns GIF

3. Arrested Development – Very underrated show. The Bluth family is comedic gold.

arrested development banana stand GIF

4. The League – I have to rewatch this show just before NFL starts back up. This show really gets you in the mood for football on Sundays. FOREVER UNCLEANNNNNNN

the league rodney ruxin GIF

5. How I Met Your Mother – Barney makes the show 100%. Without Barney, this show is bottom tier for sure.

high five how i met your mother GIF

6. Parks and Rec – Ron Swanson is clearly the star of the show while Leslie is annoying and very inferior to Michael Scott.

high five parks and rec GIF

7. Scrubs –  Underrated show since it is old compared to most of the list but the best medical show for sure. Turk and JD have some great moments. Also Fortnite dance:

Scrubs GIF

8. Community – Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino first acting gig is great in this comedy about community college. Chevy Chase has some rough moments on and off set though.

community thumbs up GIF

9. That 70’s Show – I’ve seen this show way too many times because it is on tv every hour of every day. Fez is the GOAT.

mila kunis GIF

10. Modern Family – This is basically the whitest show in America but it is very funny and has Sophia Vergara so that’s a plus.

modern family gloria GIF

11. 30 Rock – Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is great in the show and it’s a good watch when you don’t wanna pay attention to anything.

12. Bernie Mac Show – RIP BERNIE

bernie mac comedy GIF

13. New Girl – I’ve watched the show some but I cannot remember anything memorable in the show so it can’t be THAT good.

new girl fist bump GIF


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