It’s official I’m a Chicago Blackhawks fan now!

I finally did it!!!! After much thought and considerations, sit downs with the family, and playing NHL 18 I picked my NHL team.

This was a relatively easy decision for me, as I went with my gut and picked the Blackhawks with no hesitation. I’ve gone with my gut on almost every decision in my life, except the time it warned me I was about to shit my pants while trying on jeans in the Sears. Ever since that fateful day I’ve trusted my gut. So here’s why I am officially a Blackhawks fan.

1) They didn’t make the playoffs this past season

This was a calculated decision here, as I didn’t want to run the risk of being called a bandwagon fan, like if I were to root for the Washington Capitals. If there’s one thing I pride myself in it’s that I’m not a bandwagon fan.

2) They have won the Stanley Cup 3 times in the last 8          years

Alright, fuck you I don’t care if you call me a bandwagon fan! I hopped on the Celtics train in 2008 and have rode it out since. What makes me different from the other bandwagon fans? I’m a ride or die fan, there for the highs that even Godfather OG Kush couldn’t give you, and there for the downest of downs, I’ll gloat in your face when they win the title, and I’ll drink myself into a coma when they lose. So go ahead call me a bandwagon guy, but when the going gets tough for my teams, I put on my sunscreen and pop in Raining Blood by Slayer, because I know we’re going to hell and back for the next few seasons.

3) If I don’t have any connection to my local team already, I just don’t care.

Could I have chosen to give my fandom seed to a local team? Yeah but I just can’t find myself rooting for them simply because everyone else around me does. I don’t want to be handcuffed to a team simply because I live close to them. That’s like saying you can only eat Little Ceaser’s (fucking gross) because it’s in your hometown, as opposed to eating Domino’s (THE GOAT) which is a little farther of a drive. This doesn’t exactly apply here because we have both pizza joints in my hometown, but you get the point. So sorry Blue Jackets and Red Wings fans, it’s nothing personal I just don’t care about them.

4) I bought a Patrick Kane Jersey

I kind of sealed my fate on this one, I bought the jersey on Friday and made my decision on Saturday to become a Blackhawks fan. Was this a subconscious purchase? Did I purchase  the jersey because I knew deep down my blood was running on red, white, and black?

Also to join these elite group of fans and call them my family friends is the best gift of them all. So here’s to the greatest fanbase in hockey!!!


giphy (5).gif




Also if you want to write about hockey DM us on Twitter @NosebleedTakes

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