Youth Soccer Ref doing God’s work & putting crazy parents on blast.

(Daily Mail) “A youth soccer referee who is fed up with parent misbehavior on the sidelines has decided to shame them by posting videos of their antics online. 

Brian Barlow, 44, has been a youth league referee in Tulsa, Oklahoma for 14 years, and finally became so fed up with outrageous parent behavior that he launched a Facebook page called Offside to shame them.”

This ref is the real MVP, if you’ve ever officiated or coached any sport you’ve seen these types of parent meltdowns first hand and just wanted to strangle them.

Just a few examples of parents being assholes to wet the beak for those unaware of the shit that goes on in the soccer world. Mr. Barlow is probably going to catch some flack from some parts of the social media world for shaming these parents, but if it’s going to deter parents from acting like idiots at their kids sporting events I’m all for it. In fact Brian I’ll work for free and travel the country recording these idiot parents to help the cause. Think of  me as the Robin to your Batman, the Kobe to your Shaq, or the Mrs. Dog to your Dog the Bounty Hunter.

(Minus the mongo bongo drums she has on her chest, I couldn’t handle the chronic back pain from carrying those WMD’s.)

Seriously these parents are the fucking worst though, as a former high school 2nd team all-district player (stay humble), and a former travel soccer coach I’ve seen my fair share of shitty parents. From the helicopter parents who come over to the bench to tie their kids cleats mid game, to the parents who tell me where I need to play their kid, I’ve dealt with it all. The balls you have to be smuggling in your pants have to be big and brass to tell a coach where to play your kid. And the parents who proudly berate the refs from the stands suck too, I always caught secondhand embarrassment watching Mr. Billy Badass yelling at the ref to call the charge, while drinking his shitty Zero Calorie Monster.

If you’re like me and 95% of other soccer parents, you’re just there to enjoy your kids game, and see their hard work pay off. I could’ve listed out all the shit I’ve put up with in my 10+years in the soccer world, but I’ll just sum it up with this. Some parents are real pieces of shit at games and take it too seriously, ruining the fun for everyone else. So the next time you’re at a soccer game and see a parent losing their shit, record it and send it to linked page at the top of the blog and shame these parents, while getting a cool $100. I’m not kidding if Brian uses your clip on his page he’ll give you a cool crisp, Ben Franklin. So what are you waiting for??

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