Bleacher Report swings and misses BIG TIME on Jimmy G interview

I took the clickbait so you didn’t have to suffer through another trendy, hipster, 6th grade quality piece from Bleacher Report. Might as well call it Ether Report because it has made me numb to the pain I endured from reading a B/R piece…..


Oh look at that I took the B/R approach of clickbait title and intro to get clicks! Did it work? Probably not, but shooters shoot, am I right?! Enough of the clickbait let’s dive in and breakdown this interview.

Based off the notification most of us received you’d think this was a clean shot from Jimmy G on Brady, a far cry compared to the money shot he laid on Kiara Mia. But it wasn’t a clean shot or even a shot at all, confirmed Jimmy G shoots blanks? They were both competitive guys and Jimmy said that competitiveness is what helped make him a better player. Jimmy compared it to playing his best friend in 1v1, when it comes down to winning he’d take out his grandma to bring home the W. Who doesn’t play competitively with their friends? World Soccer Tour on the PS2 had a flop button and we’d make a gentleman’s agreement to not use the button during the game. Well guess what, 85th minute when I’m down 1-0 guess what button I’m using? My point is it sounds like it was a pretty laid back environment for the 2 QB’s until the pads game on. So that shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone given the team and coach they play for.

Also, Jimmy reflects on the great advice he was given from Brady during his tenure as a backup for the GOAT, but you can’t get clicks when you have a cordial interview with no controversial quotes. It just sounds like a Jimmy G wanted a starting job and wasn’t bummed about getting traded, he was glad to learn from the two GOATS but wanted to make a name for himself. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

So that was my first foray into clickbaiting and I won’t lie I feel a little dirty right now. We here at Nosebleed Takes pride ourselves on getting clicks based on creative and funny headlines. If you want shitty lists, clickbait, and meh animated sports shorts you know where to go. If you want some self-awareness and cheap takes, you can go ahead grab a cold beer and have a seat in the nosebleeds with us!




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