The L’s just keep racking up for the Pacman Jones attacker

First Pacman obliterated this idiot at the airport who decided to attack him, then dropped a Randy Savage flying elbow drop on Instagram just for good measure. For those unaware Trevor wrote a blog recapping the fight at the airport last week, but just like any other story on the internet, it gets better.

Pacman could’ve went about handling this in various ways. Take the high road let bygones be bygones, show up to his doorstep and serve him a can of whoop ass again (overkill maybe?) or door #3 KO him with words. I am never one for kicking someone while they’re down, *clears throat* HOWEVAH this fucking idiot deserves it.

Now in today’s world where you have to watch what you say, the typical “locker room talk” doesn’t equate to a verbal homicide, forcing 3/4 of society to have to step their game up and think outside of the box. Pacman took the simple route here though, and just decided to rundown all of the guy’s misfortunes in one swoop, a classic veteran move from a prolific shit talker. On the field he (was) shutting down WR’s, and made it a point to let them know about it, so this was a simple transition for Pacman applying his on the field trash talk to the airport.

  1. Lost a fight you started (at your own fucking job) pretty handily.
  2. Fired from said job because you brought great shame to the company.
  3. Busted your leg getting your ass handed to you
  4. This gem of a mugshot from your hospital bed. Frank-Ragin-Mugshot
  5. Crying in court
  6. Having Pacman screengrab you crying in court and post it to his 127k followers

Yup this is not even close, Pacman KO via first punch he threw.

I honestly don’t know how this bozo comes back from this. Does he change his name and go into the witness protection program? Does he challenge Pacman to a rematch at Rough n’ Rowdy and pray for a chance at redemption? I don’t know. What I do know is one thing he’ll be for the rest of his life, checking under his bed to make sure the boogeyman Pacman Jones isn’t there to take his soul again.

As for me the depressed Bengals fan it’s not very often I can celebrate back to back W’s, so even though it happened off the field I’m treating this like a fucking Super Bowl win!

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