Magic Johnson Is A Delusional Psychopath

I understand he’s the GM for the Lakers and has to talk about his team in the best way but it has gone way too far. Why would he think his team even has a chance against Golden State and honestly, they will be lucky to even be a top seed in the Western Conference. If they were facing the Warriors in the first round it would 100% be a short series ending in a sweep.

Earlier in the week, Magic stated that he built his team based off the playoffs last year. The signings of Javale, Lance, Rondo, and KCP all but dispute that given that those players don’t seem to be the best fits for LeBron and Lakers besides Javale. The roster as a whole does not look to promising except for LBJ. Who’s the second best player on the roster? Brandon Ingram? That does not sound like a playoff team to me…. Without LBJ this team may win 25-30 games which is usually a staple for LBJ’s teams. In the Eastern Conference his team could be bad and he could rally them to the Finals, but in the West, i’m just not seeing the vision Magic. Good Luck next year Lakers.Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 10.27.51 AM

After I heard these wild things Magic has said I searched his tweets to prove my point that he is delusional and it did not disappoint in the slightest:

  • He got 1/2 of this statement correct at least!

  • Rondo worked out very well in Dallas!!!

  • Yep! That’s what happened!!

  • I don’t think anyone in this tweet is good for the Knicks

The replies the Magic tweets are some of the funniest/wrong things there are. Lot’s of “Magic’s always positive” giving his medical prognosis that I will not touch on.


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