Wanna Find Out How Much You Actually Suck At Golf? Watch Brittany Lincicome Miss the Cut Over the Next Two Days!

During this week’s Barbasol Championship, the title sponsor is reaching deep into the bag of gimmicks by allowing LPGA superstar, Brittany Lincicome, to tee it up for the first two days alongside the PGA’s very worst players!

Oh, boy! How many people can I possibly offend in one lede!?

The events opposite the US Open and the British Open are always tough to get viewership. You may be wondering why they even have one during those weeks, and that’s a legitimate question, but it’s simple, dudes need to get paid. For some lower tier pros, they rely on the week to week paychecks to keep food on the table for themselves and their teams, especially if they’re on a rough string of missed cuts. Having all of the top pros out and playing elsewhere takes a little pressure off and allows the younger guys to get some Fedex points and money to hopefully retain their tour playing status. 

For example, after the Greenbrier, John Peterson lost tour status by .5 Fedex cup points and posted on Instagam saying he was retiring from golf. This week, he was put on the alternate list, then was given a spot in the tournament. Now, he has a legitimate shot at getting tour status with either a win or Fedex points.  If he hadn’t gotten in this week, his only chance at a tour card for next year would have been through the Web.com championship.

The field is made up of a lot of guys who teeter between the Web.com tour and the PGA tour and a few guys on the Champions tour. 

So everyone already knows that the field is relatively weak compared to an average tour event, but the thing is, these guys are still really, really fucking good. To even get to the lower ranks of the PGA tour, you’re still better than all the amateurs, all the mini tours, the international tours like PGA Latinoamerica, the Mackenzie Tour, and the Web.com tour. 

Now, let’s take a look at Brittany Lincecome’s stats. She comes into this week with a 70.22 scoring average on the LPGA tour and an average driving distance of 269.52 yards. Now does this tell the full story of her game? Of course not, but what it does say is that even on an average LPGA course, which has a length of between 6,200 and 6,600 yards, she isn’t exactly going super low. And her driving distance, which is top 10 on the LPGA, isn’t even in the top 200 on the PGA tour. This week she’ll be teeing it up on a course that’s about 7,300 yards. When dudes will be hitting driver-8 iron, she’ll be hitting driver-hybrid. When her playing partners will be scoring, she’ll be scrambling. 

I know I’m coming off as a total dickbag right now, but I’m not against her playing. I just don’t think it’s the right move. It leaves me wondering what they’re trying to accomplish? Okay, I know what they’re trying to accomplish. It’s a gimmick so they can get a money grab. I’ll rephrase. What positives will come out of this for the LPGA, Brittany, or even the PGA tour? She’s not going to make the cut, so it just reinforces that women’s golf will never be men’s golf. On the flip side, she probably won’t come in dead last. She’s gonna beat some guys, so what does that do to show the strength of the field for the the Barbasol championship?

Listen, I’m a golf guy. I watch all the golf I can and I love writing about it. So for me, I just want to see the best golf I can. I don’t think the most compelling way to grow golf or create great storylines is to have a PGA/LPGA crossover. Tennis did it when Billie Jean King played Steve Carell in that one match, but it did nothing to grow women’s tennis. Great women’s tennis grew women’s tennis. There’s never gonna be a Serena vs Nadal match because there doesn’t need to be. Serena is one of the best players in the world. And that’s it. 

I really hope Brittany Lincicome has a great time teeing it up with the fellas. And I’ve heard her interviews, she’s great. She’s just happy for the opportunity and isn’t doing this as some PR stunt, but this is and always will be a weird move to me. Oh, and here’s the other thing. At the end of the day, Brittany Lincicome is a million times better than me and whoever is reading this… So if she won’t even make the cut, just imagine how bad we are at golf. 

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