NBA 2018-2019 Season Predictions: Gif Edition

Yes, I know it’s way to early to predict the NBA season but free agency is basically over and I’ve been looking at gifs on twitter way too much so here is your favorite teams season described as a gif.

Atlanta Hawks

kid waiting GIF
Gonna be waiting awhile before competing.

Boston Celtics

kids oops GIF by America's Funniest Home Videos
Close, but no cigar 😦

Brooklyn Nets

dislike do not want GIF

Charlotte Hornets

charlotte hornets backpack kid GIF by NBA
Mood when they get the 8 seed.

Chicago Bulls

jaw drop looking up GIF
Looking up at the rest of the NBA in the standings.

Cleveland Cavaliers

nba draft cutaway GIF by NBA
Young Bull…. still gonna suck unfortunately.

Dallas Mavericks

everythings coming up milhouse GIF
Better than last year!!

Denver Nuggets

nice south park GIF
Actually good.

Detroit Pistons

virginia tech football GIF
Playoff team in the pitiful East

Golden State Warriors

we are the champions lol GIF by IFC
Another one.

Houston Rockets

overrated vh1 live GIF by VH1
Not good enough… like CP3.

Indiana Pacers

rick gomez GIF
3rd best team in the East.

Los Angeles Clippers

fox tv GIF by Rosewood
Second fiddle to the Lakers yet again.

Los Angeles Lakers

got you gotcha GIF by Yevbel

Memphis Grizzlies

awkward clap GIF by Kehlani
Good try Griz!

Miami Heat

considering patton oswalt GIF by Portlandia

Milwaukee Bucks

owns cristiano ronaldo GIF
4 or 5 seed in the East.

Minnesota Timberwolves

you tried k-pop GIF
Playoff team, not close to top teams though.

New Orleans Pelicans

anthony davis GIF
Live or die by “The Brow”

New York Knicks

nba draft wtf GIF by ESPN
Same Knicks since forever.

Oklahoma City Thunder

happy oklahoma city thunder GIF by ESPN
Western Conference Finals appearance guaranteed.

Orlando Magic

russell westbrook wtf GIF by NBA
Who even is a fan anymore?

Philadelphia 76ers

upvote GIF
Can’t beat the Celtics… Sorry Mr. Embiid

Phoenix Suns

dead cmt GIF by I Love Kellie Pickler
No caption necessary.

Portland Trail Blazers

sad ben affleck GIF
Back to being bums.

Sacramento Kings

Animated GIF

San Antonio Spurs

eddie izzard GIF
Lots of midrange shots and losses coming your way.

Toronto Raptors

Semi Pro Forth Place GIF - SemiPro ForthPlace Celebration - Discover & Share GIFs GIF
Go America.

Utah Jazz

fancy boy chaps GIF by Barstool Sports
Sleeper to take down GSW/HOU.

Washington Wizards

same james franco GIF
Same as every other year with Wall/Beal.

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Baron Davis was very underrated and people need to talk about him more… Here’s is his college highlights:

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