Darrelle Revis retired today: So here’s highlights of him stranding Wide Receivers on Revis Island

Sad news for those who remember just how great Darrelle Revis was as a lockdown corner, after 11 years (with 7-9 of those being great) announced his retirement today. I was a defender in soccer so I had tons of respect for the secondary players in the NFL, it was the position I wanted to play the most. Which is weird because when you ask 99.9% of people what position they want to play they go for the QB, WR, or RB because they want to light up the scoreboard. Not me I was all about the knockdown physical cornerbacks, who frustrated the diva WR all game and shut them down. For those of you who missed out on just how great Mr. Revis was here’s a playlist of his most memorable moments. Whether you loved or hated the guy (I fell into the latter when he was on the Jets,) you had to put some goddamn respect on the name for the guy who left more people lost on an island thanĀ Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. Enjoy!


Also 1 like = 1 prayer for everyone still stuck on Revis Island.



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