For Whom The Bell Tolls: Le’Veon Bell’s days as a Steeler are numbered

Rim-shot!! Cue up the Netflix comedy special, and prepare to see him on every dais for a Comedy Central Roast!

Le’Veon Bell isn’t going to be donning the black and yellow (or gold whatever it is) for much longer.

I’ll try to provide an unbiased opinion here but I can’t make any guarantees. Wanting to break into the stratosphere of getting paid as RB is a bold strategy, considering your not touching the ball every snap, and your shelf life as a peak RB can be very short. Can you blame someone for wanting to make as much money as possible in the short amount of time their career can last? I’ll give Bell credit he is not letting anyone push him around and pressure him into a bad deal, but given his not so clean bill of health he may not get the big deals he desires. Now don’t get me wrong the Steelers are totally fucking him in this situation franchise tagging him again, but for him to think he’s going to get paid as an “elite offensive weapon” are a little too hot even for our taste.

Looking at the top 25 highest paid players in NFL history according to Business Insider there’s not a single running back on the list. Is that because running backs aren’t worth as much as they seem? Yes and no. Running backs have a short shelf life, so short term deals they should be getting paid the big bucks, any rational GM isn’t going to sign a running back to a 6 year deal worth $110 million. It just doesn’t make sense, yes injuries happen at every position and can turn any contract into a bad investment, but the wear and tear running backs endure throw up more red flags than a cold sore right before a random make out at the bar.

Ignoring all of that, gun to my head if I’m choosing who I’d keep if I was the Steelers I’m going with Antonio Brown all the way. He’s the elite offensive weapon, game changer and the guy I want to carry my team to a Super Bowl.

Now, as a fantasy football owner I’m getting hard after reading this tweet, the fire is lit under Bell and he’s priming himself up for an MVP season. He’s basically going to give the Steelers the best sex of their lives and then just throw them the Marbelo Reds, and cab fare and leave them high and dry, and as a big Bengals fan I cant wait for this.



So here’s to one last good Steelers season then pure destruction and debauchery for them the next hundred years!!!!!



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