Am I allowed to be excited for Indiana basketball?

Indiana basketball is without a doubt good for college basketball. When Indiana is good, college basketball is good. Dominant teams running out in those silly boi pants into a packed arena in Bloomington is part of college basketball magic. That being said, Indiana basketball has not been good. Sure they had a few good seasons under Tom Crean (27-8 in 2015), but Indiana basketball should not be about a few good seasons, Indiana basketball should be a team ready to go to the elite 8 every year without question, and at least in contention for a BIG10 championship.

The BIG10 needs Indiana to be good again, even as a Michigan State fan, I can recognize that. With that in mind, is it time to be excited for Indiana? I love Archie Miller, and I really believe that if he can get the players he has the ability to bring Indiana back up to their Duke/UNC level that they belong at. Going for 24+ wins for 4 straight years at Dayton is no joke, and I really believe in that guy.

archie miller

So the tradition is there, the coach is there, are the players there?  Indiana went 16-15 last year (boo), but it seemed like they were building something.  They bring back scoring in Juwan Morgan, who withdrew from the NBA draft. Morgan averaged over 16 a game last year, and should be ready to lead this team as a senior. After that, the veterans get a little thin. Devonte Green, the inconsistent guard, returns, but it remains to be seen what kind of boost he can provide in his junior year.

One thing does get me very excited, one thing more than any other. That thing is Romeo Langford. This 6’6″ man turned Indiana basketball around with one decisions, the decision to remain home at Indiana. Him coming home to play for the red and white made staying in Indiana cool again for top recruits. That is to say nothing of his basketball playing ability. The more-likely than not one and done player is a absolute beast. A ultra-talented smooth guy who can score is rare, and Langford is among the best in recent memory to come out of HS. A few guys in the 2018 H.S. class have a ton of hype, but I couldn’t in good faith put any of them above Langford.

To summarize, there is somethings to be excited about in Bloomington, but I wouldn’t start getting hot for the Hoosier’s flavor quite yet. I expect them to be in the tournament conversation, but I think its going to take a good run in the BIG10 tournament to do it. Now if Jimmy Chitwood showed up on the sideline, we might be having a whole new conversation.

jimmy c

Stay sexy Big bois


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