I was able to hear a Beatles song for the very first time and it might have been better than sex

Let me preface this blog by saying I am a big Beatles fan so I don’t want you to think I have never listened to 4 of the greatest sound-birds of our generation. This song just happened to slip through the cracks of the countless other hits they’ve had over the years, shit happens. So now that I’m recently single (sup?) I’ve enjoyed the freedom that has come with taking the reigns off, naturally the first thing I did was get ABSOLUTELY¬†smashed to kick off the welcome back tour.

giphy (13).gif

So last Friday night I celebrated the occasion with some old work friends by getting dinner and drinks, a night which was supposed to be one beer and calling it a night did not turn out as planned (as is tradition.) Fast forward to about 11PM I’m feeling pretty good, me and my friend are sitting on the porch drinking beer, playing cards, and reminiscing about the old days. We’re listening to music and Strawberry Fields Forever comes on, I proceed to sit in silence for the next 4 minutes and 7 seconds and take in my favorite Beatles song. After it’s over my friend proceeds to tell me how she took a Beatles music class in college. As someone who only took classes at a community college, I was in a state of shock people had the choice to take these types of unique courses in college. Anyways she proceeds to unleash fact after fact about songs I knew about, and then she brought up “A Day in the Life.” As big as I am into older music I liked to think I could blame my blank stare I gave on the alcohol, but the truth was I had no idea what song she was talking about.

So when I tell her I hadn’t heard this song before, we instantly pull it up on YouTube to watch the music video for it. Holy shit was that an experience, the video was mesmerizing, the difference in the tone and lyrics between John Lennon and Paul McCarthy was perfect, all this while getting facts thrown at me I felt like I was watching Pop-Up Video.


I think my ears and oculars orgasmed at the same time during said viewing of the video.¬† I truly can’t explain how awesome it was I had the perfect storm of being drunk, clear minded, and the element of surprise to create a truly unique moment. So remember, next time you get drunk let someone play some music you’ve never heard before, because it could truly make for a memorable experience.


So now for your viewing pleasure The Beatles “A Day in the Life.”

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