Build-a-Bear Is Awful

July 12th was “Pay Your Age Day” at Build-a-Bear and the lines were absolutely horrendous.

Exhibit 1:

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!?! They have to be absolutely BONKERS to wait in line for Build-a-Bear. Honestly, I didn’t even know they still existed in this country. Doing this, Build-a-Bear probably kept the malls open for at least a few more months (RIP Malls). I never had a Build-a-Bear has a young lad and I think I am doing pretty great, not to brag.

Thousands of people came out to wait in these gigantic lines just for a bear at a discount. Yuck. Eventually the lines got out of control and Build-a-Bear shut down the sale and disappointed all of the miserable kids waiting in line like the new iPhone dropped (Why do people do that too???).

Build-a-Bear got back in the news over this so it’s possible they can avoid the same fate as Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toy’s ‘R’ Us did!! Geoffrey > Build-a-Bear. RIP Toy’s ‘R’ Us 😦

Heck yeah, Geoffrey got another job, no need to be sad over the Toy’s ‘R’ Us closure!!!!

Have a good weekend


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