7-On-7 Football: NBA Edition

7-on-7 football is football commonly played among high school and college athletes across the country. So,  why not lets try it with the professionals in the NBA. The positions are just like regular football just without the lineman basically. Let’s combine the two best sports, basketball and football, into one and play a little 7-on-7!! For the blog, I will strictly do offense cause defense if for suckers.


QB: LeBron James: I mean who else would you want running the team other than LBJ. He is, arguably, the best passer in the NBA and makes great decisions with the ball. I know he played receiver in high school and was highly recruited,  but this man can pass and is tall enough to play the position (*coughs* Chris Paul).Image result for chris paul next to lebron

C: Steven Adams: Honestly, in 7-on-7, the center is the least important position because they cannot go out for a pass. Steven Adams is in the game merely to intimidate the other team. He looks exactly like Aquaman and Khal Drago from GoT and he is scary to look at.

Image result for steven adams aquaman khal drogo

WR: Giannis Antetokounmpo: This man is a physical freak with some of the largest hands I have ever seen. Big hands = good receiver in most cases. Also, he is 6’11” which is unguardable in football and basically basketball as well.Image result for giannis antetokounmpo hands

WR: Kevin Durant: He is another tall human that plays basketball. His shot in the NBA is rarely contested due to his length. LBJ to KD back corner lobs all day. He is lucky it is not tackle due to his slender frame.

Image result for kevin durant snake

WR: John Wall: Every team needs a slot receiver to run across the middle short and also to throw the deep ball too. John Wall has elite speed and honestly seems to be better fit for football given he can’t hit the broadside of a barn from deep.

day thread GIF

RB: Russell Westbrook: Russ is a freakish athlete who is a very fast individual. The defense will be very lucky this is not tackle football considering he is so explosive. He can also jump very high if he is needed as a ball catcher. russell westbrook GIF

RB: Kyrie Irving: He is probably the shiftiest player in the league. He is sometimes unguardable with his dribbles and quick burst of speed to get by defenders. Ankles should always be wrapped around Uncle Drew.

kyrie irving GIF


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