As an Oklahoma City Thunder Fan I am probably the most bias person when it comes to Carmelo Anthony. Last season, he haunted me night in and night out. Most fans were ecstatic to have Melo in OKC, however; I knew the disaster was imminent when he insisted he would not come off the bench. The man has a problem than can be described the world’s most popular waffle minus a g (ego for the common folk). He must be delusional if he still believes he is a starter on an actual competitive team. His shot chart from last season is below:

At his elderly age he is best fit as a sixth man on most teams around the league if he is willing to take that role. I, however; believe he his long past him prime and should possibly hang it up and call it a career (pls Melo).

According to Woj (better than Shams), three teams have showed interest in Melo and I will try to justify them adding this horrendous athlete below:

Houston Rockets:

I get it they lost Mbah a Moute and Trevor Ariza to free agency and need a new SF, but I see Melo fitting in here about as well as he fit in OKC (BAD). If they could somehow come off Ryan Andersens contract that would be a tremendous plus for the Rockets.

Los Angeles Lakers:

They have been adding questionable free agents this summer aside from Lebron James. LANCE STEPHENSON???????? RAJON RONDO????????? JAVALE MCGEE???????? However, Lebron may be able to convince Melo to buy in and take a lesser role than he would like. The best fit for him is here I think.

Miami Heat:

The heat are absolutely non contenders in the Eastern Conference. They need scoring.

Q: Can Melo score?

A: Sometimes!!!!!

Pat Riley has been known to make sure players are in tip top shape prior to playing for the heat. Melo is not a slim individual by any means anymore. If they get Melo it would help them with cap space in the future which is the only logical reason they should acquire him.

Every-time I hear “Melo” I instantly think of the song Keep It Mello – Marshmello, so…… here is this song:

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