Papa John…. More Like Master John

John Schnatter AKA “Papa John” has had a really tough year. Earlier this year he stepped down as CEO of Papa John’s Pizza following his statement than the NFL players kneeling for the national anthem were the cause of slumping sales of Papa’s premier pizza. This action caused the NFL switch its favorite pie away from Papa and to the hut, Pizza Hut that is.

Papa is again in the news after using the “n-word” in a conference call. That’s the last thing you would want to say if your skin is the color of sunscreen. Papa John must be trying to ruin his business and he might just succeed. His career is seemingly over.

Yuck. Tough look for Papa, Louisville, and the entire state of Kentucky.


Papa John’s stock is looking great though!


Here is a review of the Papa’s Pizza for your enjoyment:


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