Uruguay falls short again…..

They did it!!! The beer will be going down good tonight…….is what I would be writing if Uruguay won today, but they didn’t. A 2-0 loss to France has knocked my beloved international team out of the World Cup. Truth be told once Cavani was listed as a sub I knew it our chances of seeing them in the final four had plummeted.

I was finally able to sit down and watch my beloved Uruguayans play for the first time since the group stage, as I was in Cleveland for the day last Saturday when they beat Portugal 2-1. Was I the bad luck charm for Uruguay?

giphy (1).gif

The only full Uruguay game I watch and they lose, and when Cavani was injured who was watching as we walked into a bar in downtown Cleveland? This fucking guy. I apologize to the players, coaches, and fans of Uruguay. I’ll impose a self-ban on watching any Uruguay soccer matches from now until 2026 when I travel to the World Cup, hopefully by then my bad luck is gone after Uruguay wins the World Cup in 2022.

The game was not all that bad in the 1st half, a lucky set piece for France and they were able to draw first blood, it happens. With Uruguay constantly threatening with dangerous crosses and shots, I figured it was only a matter of time until they were able to score the equalizer and shift the momentum in their favor. But it wasn’t meant to be as Uruguay’s keeper decided to chip himself on a save, and the field players flat lined the entire 2nd half.  If I’m being honest I didn’t expect them to beat Belgium (who I think WAXES Brazil.) But a 3rd place game would’ve been nice to see, considering the last 3rd place game we saw them in magic happened.


It seems Uruguay is always the bridesmaid and never the bride, catching the bouquet at every wedding but they just can’t find Mr. Right. They have the talent to break into the top 5, but for now it’s back to the drawing board until 2022. With Covani and Suarez both being 35 when 2022 rolls around, focus will most likely shift to the youth and we may be in a bit of a rebuilding stage for now. But I’m sticking with my team until the very end and whether they qualify or sit at home watching the games, my team will always be Uruguay.




Belgium over France 3-1


One thought on “Uruguay falls short again…..

  1. Very frustrating for Uruguay. With a few things going the other way (Cavani’s Injury, Godín’s big change, Muslera’s mistake) it could have been so different, but that’s football.

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