Kawhi vs LeBron in LA?

Yahoo Sports is reporting  they’re may have been a change of heart for Kawhi and his camp as he still wants to play in LA, except in a Clippers uniform.


At this point I want the Spurs to pony up and trade Kawhi, or have him announce he’s sitting out until he’s a free agent next season. I’m tired of every other day we hear about how the relationship between the two sides is fractured beyond repair, NO SHIT?! Besides all of the stories already coming out last season, recently it was brought to light that Leonard was snuck out of the building in New York by his “people” when the Spurs brass came to visit him. I get Kawhi HATES the Spurs and their organization, but the way him and his group of agents have approached this has been shitty at best. I really don’t think there was any worse way to handle the relationship,this is like Ronnie and Sammi level petty here.

Having said all of that, I don’t blame Kawhi for wanting to play in LeBron’s shadow. Yes, it’d only be 4 years of shadow ball then Kawhi can take over as the leader, but what is the point of forming a super team at this point? The Warriors have the title locked up this year barring a Boogie vs Green brawl in the locker room injuring all of the starting five. So it’d be smart to collect the most money while you can, and then wait for the Warriors inevitable break up to make a run for the title. Also playing in the shadow of the potential GOAT hasn’t been kind to players such as Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, and Isaiah Thomas, so why risk your prime years to gamble on something that’ll accomplish so little? I say the Clippers break the bank and throw some of that Microsoft money at Leonard to rebuild around him. Everyone is a winner here, the Spurs could get draft picks and some utility players, Kawhi gets his wish of going to LA, and the Clippers get their star to build around.

The real winner here if Kawhi goes to the Lakers is everyone who’s not a Warriors fan. A Kawhi vs LeBron rivalry for the next 4 years is a great Choose Your Own Adventure alternate to the Warriors potential 82-0 season. Every night we see LeBron try to one up Kawhi and vice versa to see who gets the crown for King of the Staples Center. If this happens they don’t need a Finals win or even a conference finals appearance, the constant back and fourth for supremacy is way more interesting than watching a cocky super team dominate.

In the end I’ll predict the Clippers and Spurs come to an agreement to trade for Kawhi, and finally put the bad soap opera behind us and laying the foundation for a competitive rivalry in LA. But, if it doesn’t happen I’ll stop watching the NBA and play this scenario out on 2K19 and blog how it goes.

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