Where Paul George DEFINITELY isn’t going to play next season

In probably the least surprising move of the NBA offseason Paul George has opted out of his contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder. George now an unrestricted free agent, finds himself as the Belle of the ball as he will definitely have many suitors looking to court him this offseason. A lot of speculation has risen on where George will take his talents as it does when any big player leaves a team. In a big change of pace in sports “journalism” I’m going against the grain and listing the places Paul George has swiped left on already. Because you can’t be wrong if you don’t give a prediction.


1) Oklahoma City Thunder

Obviously we can rule out the team George just opted out of, I mean if you break up with someone you get your goodbye sex and are out the door, there’s no going  back after that it’s just awkward. OKC fans shouldn’t feel sad or good about Paul George leaving, he was painfully average. The Thunder left a lot to be desired forming a big 3 of sorts with Westbrook and Melo, but the Thunder will be better off letting George walk with Russell Westbrook carrying the team on his back I’M GUARANTEEING they walk into the Western Conference Finals next year.

2) Las Vegas

Nobody ever wants to return to the scene of a traumatic event in their life, I can attest to this as I refuse to return to the staircase (20 steps)  I drunkenly jumped down a week before my 21st birthday. Did hologram Tupac comeback and perform on the Las Vegas strip? Exactly, and Paul George will avoid any team remotely close to Las Vegas after his gruesome injury in 2014.  If you think about it the injury was the best thing to Paul, as surgeons put a metal rod in his leg to help with the recovery and turn him 1/64 cyborg. Was this enhancement worth the gruesome injury? Watch for yourself and decide.

3) Golden State, Boston, San Antonio, Philly, Houston, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Dallas, Miami, Phoenix, Clippers, Atlanta, Minnesota, Detroit, New Orleans, Indiana, Charlotte, Utah, Washington, Portland, Milwaukee, Orlando, Sacramento, Brooklyn, Denver or Memphis.



4) Cleveland

I feel like Cleveland needs their own section dedicated to why Paul George isn’t going to be wearing a Cavs jersey next season. Cleveland fans think every big free agent is going to come and play there for an easy road to the Finals, and bask in the glory of Lebron James. My twitter feed every offseason is the same “(insert free agent) come to Believeland and win a title!” it’s nauseating. Cleveland gets one GOAT status player and thinks everyone wants to come there. Not all Cleveland fans are like this, most want to see a rebuild and investment in the future, so I can’t lump them in there with the crazies. However, if you’re holding out hope for a Kawhi, PG13, and LeBron superteam you’re a special kind of crazy, like Stan stage 5 clinger crazy.



So where does that leave Paul George playing next season? I’m not going to predict where he ends up….but I’ll just leave this here.



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