U.S. Ratings for World Cup down 44% from 2014. In other news water is wet.

As I’m sitting here watching Belgium curb stomp Tunisia, I can’t help but wonder why Americans aren’t watching the World Cup this year. Besides, the quality of play, new betting opportunities and ELECTRIC announcers it’s can’t miss TV. Fortune states the ratings are a “complete nightmare for FOX and Comcast.”


If you’re shocked that ratings are down 44% you probably have a girlfriend halfway across the country who always has an excuse everytime you want to FaceTime. It’s not hard to see why the ratings are down from 2014.

Obviously the #1 reason ratings are down is oh I don’t know, THE USA DIDN’T FUCKING QUALIFY! If my future kids lose out on a spelling bee in the first round, I’m not sticking around to watch some stranger’s kids spell words I’ve never heard of. So, it’s not hard to blame casuals for not wanting to tune in to support teams they have zero interest in. But let’s not discredit the fair weather soccer fans here, when USA made it out of the group of death it was like a bukakke of soccer talk everywhere I went. I’ll be honest I’ve had a hard time wanting to tune in to most games. Besides watching the marquee matchups of group play, and my beloved Uruguay squad, I’ve been mostly relegated to reading and catching highlights of most games on Twitter.

It’s about 9:30AM here in Ohio and according to my world clock it’s about 4:30PM in Russia. If you’re like me working until 5PM, that means by the time you’re able to sit down, unwind from the day and crack a beer it’s about midnight Moscow time.  This means that all games are going to be over by the time most Americans are off  of work, leaving the weekend as the only time most can catch a full match. With the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and another big time difference between America, it seems we can expect more of the same in ratings unless the USMNT can somehow manage to qualify and make it out of group play.

It sucks as a former soccer player to say that soccer is just not a big sport in America, and that’s probably the biggest reason ratings are in the shitter. Like I said, without USA in the World Cup that’s going to turn away casuals viewers leaving the niche market of us soccer fans left to keep ratings afloat. If the USA hasn’t adopted the metric system yet, I don’t expect them to push soccer to the moon as the top sport of our country anytime soon. Hopefully I’m wrong, nothing would make me happier than in 2026 seeing soccer as the top sport in the United States. But, I think those chances lie somewhere between a Browns Super Bowl win and a Jackson 5 reunion tour aka it’s not going to happen.

1 like = 1 prayer for Tunisia. (They were waffled by Belgium 5-2)

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