The Cavs tag in ESPN to help in courting LeBron James

Last night the NBA draft came and went faster than 13 year old me watching Teen Nurses 3. Now 60 players realize the dream of millions and now call themselves members of the association. I was left satisfied as my beloved Boston Celtics went big and drafted Robert Williams the 6-foot 10-inch center out of Texas A&M. Kentucky, per usual sent out a million players in the first round for what seemed like the 100th year in a row. I hate Kentucky and Coach Cal with a burning passion, most wish they could find something to love as much as I hate Kentucky. But goddammit I respect the hustle of Coach Cal, every year he seems to find the best recruits in the country, yet his teams somehow manage to perform below expectations year in and year out. But, I’m not here to talk about my love for the Celtics, or my hate of the moonshine drinking, cousin lovin, Toby Keith listening, Budweiser swiggling, sitting on the couch in your front yard chllin, squirrel stew eating, Canadian tuxedo wearing, Kentucky Wildcats. I’m here to talk about ESPN tagging in to help Cleveland in their futile attempt to keep LeBron from leaving a 2nd time.

After drafting Collin Sexton with the 8th pick in the draft Cavs fans are probably left with more questions than answers regarding LeBron’s free agency. If my memory serves me right(and it very well could be wrong), this same scenario happened in 2014 when LeBron came back to Cleveland. Miami traded for Shabazz Napier because LeBron wanted to play with him on the Heat. After all of this LeBron still decides to skip town, leaving Miami with their dicks in their hands and blue balled. With so much uncertainty surrounding Lebron’s landing spot, ESPN decided to lend a helping hand, or in this case a microphone to Cleveland as they put newly drafted Collin Sexton on the spot having him “sell me this pen” pitch to LeBron on staying with the Cavs.

This wasn’t a bad answer, but it wasn’t great either. And I can’t fault Sexton for this kind of response, he was put on the spot with a question I’m sure he was fully aware he’d be asked, but probably hadn’t put too much thought into. Can you really blame him for not having a well thought out, articulated answer? I mean, this is the biggest night of his life and he’s flying high thinking of what he’s going to do with all this newfound fame and millions of dollars, not “what should I say to LeBron”. If I just earned a multi-million dollar contract and fulfilled a childhood dream of mine I don’t care if he’s one of the GOAT’s LeBron is one the last thing on my mind.  But, since LeBron is a free agent this year it’s going to inserted into every NBA story this off-season and annoy the ever loving shit out of everyone. From off the court issues, injuries, and Instagram likes LeBron is going to be the topic of every NBA talking point.

For what it’s worth I don’t think the Cavs need LeBron, I think they should let him walk and focus on the future. If the 76er’s and Astros have taught us anything it’s that trusting the process will pay off in due time. Because for right now as much as it pains me to say this the Warriors time is now and it’s going to stay that way until they decide to break up.

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