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Video Coffee Tuesday June 19th

I’m not a coffee drinker probably won’t ever be I just don’t like it. I’m not an anti coffee guy I get why some drink it to get that one up on the morning blues. Me I take on the morning head on and roughly 81% of the time morning wins. So I’m going to try and use ┬áthese videos as a wake me up, whether it’s a funny video, emotional video, gross video it can go a million different directions. But one thing I’ll guarantee is that these videos will wake you up in the morning. So non coffee drinkers here’s your morning pick me up, coffee drinkers put down the extra shot of expresso you’re going to put in your 8th cup of joe and enjoy!

Okay intro aside our first entry is one of my favorite videos on the internet. Tom Petty was someone I didn’t get into until my high school soccer coach let me borrow “The Live Anthology” and I was hooked. So fast forward to October 2nd 2017 and the music world lost a true icon when Petty passed away from a heart attack. Faster forward just a mere 5 days and with the world still in mourning suddenly a Phoenix rose from the ashes and that grief turned into celebration. The end result became in my opinion one of the greatest tributes in quite some time of all time. 88,247 fans in Gainesville, Florida paid tribute to one of their own, as even rival LSU fans came together to pay tribute and sang one of Petty’s biggest hits “I won’t back down” And I’ll be damned if I didn’t start feeling the effects of chopping onions when I watched it. I dare you to find the toughest man or woman in the world, whether it’s Ricardo the gym hardo or Rita from accounting who has an extreme case of resting bitch face. I guarantee that when shown this video they feel a salty discharge from either the eyes or groin. Anyways here’s to Tuesday only 3 days until Friday. Enjoy!


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