Do the Cavs and Golden Knights stand a chance to comeback?


Yes you read that right. It’s not like you needed me the “Sports Guru Chavy” (official title pending trademarks and patents) to tell you this. This year’s finals and Stanley Cup have been an absolute snoozer and a chore to watch. But I couldn’t be happier for Caps fans as they bring the Stanley Cup home. And Golden Knights have nothing to hang their heads about, as a 1st year team making it to the Cup is almost just as good as winning it. And at least the Knights won a game so that in itself will make the Stanley Cup a bigger success than the NBA Finals. So NHL we here at Nosebleed Takes salute you.

Now the Cavs shame on you, LeBron is doing everything he can do and these “role” players and vets just can’t hang with the Warriors. Small side story here, I went to the high school open fields to play soccer 2 days ago. I am now at the age (25) where I’m no spring chicken. I’m not cranking it before and after school to SkinaMax, I can’t stay up all night anymore, and I sure as hell cant run up and down a soccer field like I used to. So anyways I show up to conditioning I’m stretching feeling good ready to test out the boots and the first up and down I run I cramped up and I’m already out of breath. It felt like I had Yokozuna do a banzai drop on my chest and I couldn’t breathe. So naturally I made a mad dash for the water, and pack up the boots and call it a day. The Cavs minus LeBron and Kevin Love should do the same, realize they can’t hang with the Warriors and call it a day and start the offseason binge wine drinking early….SHEESH! I’d tune in to every game if we got to see 2v5 it’s basically what’s going on now.


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Also fuck the Warriors I could go on about how much I hate them, but I’ll save that for the podcast!

PSS: Great plug for the podcast listen on iTunes and Soundcloud search for Nosebleed Takes.

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