The break down of Roy Moore trying to ride a horse

To Watch video

By now you have seen the video of Roy Moore “attempting” to ride a horse to the voting polls. This is a combination of the thing I love most in life (Horses) and the thing  I hate most in life (Politics). I don’t care what your opinion is on Roy Moore, I’m here to talk about his horse riding ability

First off in the top picture there is no saddle pad underneath his saddle, basic horse knowledge tells you to up the saddle pad on then put the saddle on.

Next his saddle seems loose/ leaning off the horse this could be fixed if there was a pad under the saddle, also his saddle appears to be a synthetic Abetta type saddle which is the lowest quality you can get but are made in the USA so I will give him that.


Lets start with this picture, just look at the horses eye, when a horse looks like that that means they are scared, probably from the large crowed and the fact that the rider has a death grip pulling the bit against the horse. Also in this picture the rider shows good posture from the waste up having a straight back, eyes forward and a great smile for the judges. The negatives in this picture are the forward leg, high hands and sitting high on his seat.


Next we show the rider moving his horse out to a trot, the horse seams to be more calm with out the fear in its eye. The rider continues to sit high in the saddle which is causing his legs to stretch forward, the riders shoulders are also beginning to slouch and his eyes are aimed at the horses head not out in front of the horse. The one positive from this is his hands have lowered and he has softened his grip and his heals are down.


Lastly as he rides off into the sunset this picture sums it all up, leaning in the saddle, sitting to high in the seat, legs stretched out and forward, and elbows not tucked in. Now that Roy Moore won’t be Governor of Alabama he can get some lessons and try to be like Roy Rogers.

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