Pittsburgh Steelers might have the least self-aware fans in football.

I am writing on Thursday about a game that happened on Monday, but here at Nosebleed Takes we are the day late and dollar short guys it’s our brand. Anyways the Monday Night Football game was good old fashion slobberknocker as good ol’ JR would say. Violent hits, a potentially career ending injury and taunting this game had it all. To those unaware of the bad blood between the Steelers and Bengals this game was appalling, to me it was just a typical rivalry game between two teams that hate each other. Nothing was surprising in this game and one thing that defiantly shined through was the continued lack of self awareness from Steelers fans.

I don’t know whether it is ignorance or just plain denial as to when it comes to Steelers fans. Steelers Twitter was happy rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster blindsided Vontaze Burfict and knocked him out of the game and then furious when he was suspended 1 game for his actions. First off anyone who was celebrating Burfict getting injured there is a special place in hell for you where you are forced to drink PBR and Gigli is the only movie on. To celebrate an injury after watching Ryan Shazier potentially have his career cut short is despicable. Does Burfict have a history as a dirty player? As a Bengals fan I agree with that sentiment and will not defend his dirty plays. This seems to be something Steelers fans cannot grasp in 2017 which is mind boggling to me.

As a Bengals fan my first reaction when Shazier went down was his safety you put football aside for a moment and hope that man will be able to live a normal life. Could I have let the cynical side of me celebrate as this was karma for his hit on Gio Bernard in 2015? Yeah I could have but I like to think I am a decent human being and would never wish that on anyone. This combined with the Steelers fans “foggy” memory of their own history of dirty hits and plays just goes to show their lack of self-awareness.

Let’s rundown the history here. The Hines Ward rule was enacted because Ward couldn’t help but blindside guys across the helmet, then Terrence Garvin throwing an illegal block into punter Kevin Huber giving him the liquid diet for 6 months, finally we have Shazier burying the crown of his helmet into Gio Bernards grill in 2015. This rivalry brings out the worst in both teams. As a Bengals fan I will not deny that the Bengals have done some awful things to Steelers players. So why is it so hard for Steelers fans to do the same? I don’t know maybe they are just that stupid would not surprise me in the least bit. Anyways Steelers fans get your shit together and own up to the dirtiness your team endorses, we all have ┬áskeletons in the closet we have to address and you guys seem content with piling more of your God awful terrible towels in there instead.


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