Kyrie again proving that he is winning this Cavs breakup

First off if you read my “Sky Cam” blog you’ll know I was saying how the Celtics were getting crushed so I gave up watching, BIG MISTAKE on my end. From what I watched of the game the Celtics seemed content with missing shots the first half and while it was not a blowout it seemed that the C’s couldn’t gain traction to get ahead of the Warriors. So I decided to watch the Steelers vs Titans because the jerseys were a sight to behold.

Anyways Kyrie has had to deal with the crazy ex-girlfriend that is the Cavs since they traded him in August. Just recently LeBron decided to praise Issiah Thomas and hyping his return from injury, nothing wrong with that? WRONG! LeBron decided to throw what I assume his group of yes men told him were zingers saying in a interview with Bleacher Report “It’s been a while since I’ve had that clear-cut guy who can get guys involved but also score at the same time.” Really LeBron? Kyrie was the guy who could do just that but you couldn’t handle it so you ran him out of town. Classic LeBron victim blaming here. It’s like that crazy ex that posts all over social media after you just broke up how they upgraded and you meant nothing to them, which we all know means the opposite. Which you may say this is all hearsay but the proof is in the pudding or in this case the tweet.


Who’s mans is this? Iman you were doing the running man dance in a viral video with Kyrie last summer and now all of the sudden IT is the good vibes guy that’s here to solve all of your problems? I don’t buy this for a second.

Enough about the crazy Jerry Springer shit for a second and back to business. Kyrie behind Jaylen Brown’s 22 points and a solid effort from Al Hortford were able to take down the Warriors super-team and stake their claim as the rulers of the NBA. Now sitting at 14-2 and 7-1 at home Kyrie is proving that he didn’t need a team where he was the center of attention. Kyrie just needed an environment where he wasn’t dictated by ONE player/coach/GM and could come into his own and work as a TEAM.

While Kyrie is proving with his actions that he is doing just fine with his new team, the Cavs are faking it until they make it sitting at a miserable 8-7 and in 9th place in the East. So while LeBron and co want to give the impression it’s all smiles in Cleveland I can assure you this is LeBron every night in bed weeping while holding pictures of Kyrie with the classic James Blunt hit (weed joke) “Goodbye My Lover” on repeat.



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