Sky Cam Idea: 8.6 Sky Cam Execution: -69

Sky Cam is the newest gimmick the NFL seems to be trying on Thursday nights as if color rush was not enough. On paper this seems like a good idea I mean it’s the camera used for when we played Madden and it seems to work out well for them. But boy oh boy I haven’t seen an execution botched this bad since the goddamn Green Mile (ALWAYS WET THE FUCKING SPONGE!!!)Where do we start? Oh yeah the sky cam cuts off the wide outs hanging out by the sidelines!Sky Cam Deux“Is Mohamed Sanu lined up outside to run a vertical downfield?”  Young Billy asks his alcoholic father who’s 12 beers deep into some Coors Light.  “I don’t fucking know son the goddamn lamestream media thinks this skycam is the future of good ol’ football!” Billy’s father shouts while taking a break from the 12 oz curls.I digress enough about Billy and his drunk dad. Look at the big picture here we don’t see anything outside of the line for the most part, which is okay if they are running the ball other than that it is leaving viewers confused when Brady throws the ball off-screen. While it is nice seeing what the QB sees when he drops back, I am a big picture guy who needs the to see everything and couch coach it rather than think on the fly like NFL QB’s. Also this camera angle works on Madden because it’s a fucking video game! When you throw a bomb in Madden the camera instanly goes to the WR and follows right behind him all the way to the “hold my dick” jump into the endzone. On Thursday night’s….nope! We usually are stuck watching the QB until the camera switches downfield and by that point the play is done and you have to wait and see the replay while you here Mike Tirco shout loudley through your TV.Another flaw is the goddamn frantic movement of the camera is the easiest way to get motion sickness. It’s like watching Cloverfield meets Any Given Sunday. Seriously go back and watch Any Given Sunday the camera shaking during games is nausating. This alone is a good way to make sure NFL ratings suffer even more on Thursdays. Although my Celtics are getting stomped by the Warriors tonight so it’s pretty much a lose lose for me tonight regardless of what I watch.We have enough gimmicks on Thursday night alone with NBC and CBS playing hot potato with the games. Making fans bear witness to the dumpster fire that is Young Sheldon tonight is something not even free Papa John’s could fix. Let’s use skycam on Monday Night Football because nobody watches it and ESPN needs a lifeline. Also I haven’t seen a Skipper desperately need a lifeline this bad since Gilligan’s Island…..don’t forget to tip the waitresses and try the veal!

  • Tyler

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